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mc 19 air filter

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I've attached a picture of my airfilter
I've done about 3000 ks since i got this bike, but im not aware of the past service history
partly coz the last owner only had it for 2 months

so how often would you change an air filter?
does my one look like it needs changing?(picture was taken from phone)
also where do you find part numbers for this? and are honda dealers the only people who sell air filters for mc 19s?



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That air filter is fine.
To clean this type, just tap it face down on a bench. (Hard taps, not softly). And check in between the folds for larger dirt/debris.

As for replacement, yes Honda will be able to give you part numbers (it's also on the filter but I don't remember where exactly - should be pretty obvious though) but if you're going to replace it I'd recommend getting a Unifilter.
Under 60 dollars from memory, good quality and better performance.
Ah thats what I wanted to hear, thanks
I've got a vaccuum thing for cleaning keyboards coz it was like 3 bucks with postage
might use that and just clean it for now, coz id rather spend that money on an impact driver

yeah i should've looked on the filter, stupid me
Hmm....how often do you need to replace air filters?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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