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MC17 started easy - while covered in ice

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Okay, I'm gonna have a little boast here, because it seems like the main issue with cbr250's is starting them. To put this in perspective, I live at the bottom of New Zealand where the daylight hours are very short and we have extremely cold winters.
Anyhow tonight after I finished my job working nightshift I got my 22 year old mc17 started on the first try of the starter using very little choke. I then had to scrape off the ice which was on the seat and wrapped up warmly for the ride home (air temp measured at 0.9 degrees) and had no issues with overheating which also seems to be a problem which occurs regularly with cbr250's.

Boast over now :D
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lol, dont think you need to boast about not overheating at 0.9 degrees.

come back when you arent overheating on a 35 degree day sitting in traffic :dance:
Lets see some pics of you MC17
When a cbr is serviced and tuned correctly that's how they all should start regardless of the weather.

I was just discussing the other day with someone how many people with cbr's don't have a clue what one should behave like when it's running as it should.

I fixed a young guys MC19 after he bought from a bike shop then took it back to get them to fix the idle issues. Bike shop had no idea.

So after a very good carby clean, balance, new boots and plugs the bike runs almost perfect.

The young guy freaked out at how well/fast it went. I told him, welcome to 4 cylinders my friend.
Yeah, we dont even get 35 degree days here, even in the height of summer. But if we did I'd imagine I'd have some major overheating issues.

K916 said:
Lets see some pics of you MC17
Here's some pics

During a ride up the coast one evening

In the pits at a track day at Timaru International Raceway

And yup it definatley pays to have a well maintained bike, makes it very reliable. Its quite shocking how some people expect there bike to keep running when they do hardly any maintenance on it.
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+1 haha

K916 said:
Lets see some pics of you MC17
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