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MC19 cool header.

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Hey guys, my MC19 for some reason, one of the headers, the second one to be specific, is much cooler than the rest when i quickly touch it, it had a faulty spark lead which was all mangled and brittle, but i've changed the coil pack, yet it still has the same problem, also, ive cleaned the carbs, replaced the spark plugs, changed the fuel filter and fuel pump. ive also changed the oil filter and oil..

Does anyone know what could be the problem? could maybe a carb balance fix this problem? cause i havnt balanced the carbs as of yet!

Thanks in advance!
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Sounds like that cylinder isn't firing.
Take a look at the spark plugs, specifically compare the one with the problem to the others.
Post back (with pics if something is different).
I dont know... the header is still hot isnt it? Just not as hot as the others?
If thats the case it could well be a carb balance problem. Sure theres no harm in balancing them anyway if you have the kit and see where you stand then.
yeah the header still gets hot just not as hot as the others.. also i took it for a ride around the block today to teset it, the RPM up until around 8k rpm is working normal, but when it hits 8k rpm it starts to stutter and sounds horrible. it really struggles to gain revs.. the power drops immensely. Could a carbie balance fix this problem?
check your fuses dude, sounds like you could have a blown fuse maybe.

i know that doesn't sounds like it would have anything to do with it but if you blow a fuse your bike won't gain revs past about 8k rpm.
Carby boots? Tear that gets air sucked through it at higher RPM dopping that cylinder?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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