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MC19 Exhaust options

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Hey guys, im just wondering what options i have for changing the rear muffler on my MC19?
Is it possible to change the whole exhaust to an MC22 one so i can just bolt on a new muffler? Or is there somewhere i can get an MC22 exhaust flange then weld it onto my exhaust?
My missus actually wants me to make my bike louder (so cars can hear me before they see me) which im not complaining about.
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IIRC, the diameter of the headers from the 19 are larger than the 22, you're better off getting a 22 exhaust flange and welding it on; then appropriate jets to suit?
Your missus is a smart woman and should be treated as such.
you can weld on a flange to suit any exhaust you want, all you need is the right dimensions and you can make 1 up yourself if you have the tools if not go to an engineering shop or similar they can make 1 up easy. i recently aquired a scorpian exhaust off a cbr 600 only used once before bike blew up gonna put it on mine

p.s. exhaust shops are also good with exhausts;)
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I took my bike and new can i bought off ebay to d&t exhaust (an exhaust shop) in adelaide. They got the flange made and installed it all for......... don't drop dead. $180. Now i know its allot but i wanted the exhaust to start earler. You should get them to cut the exhaust just after the 4 to 1 as the pipe after that is devided threw the centre. By removing that piece and attaching a 2 1/2 inch pipe from there will help with bottom end torque. Getting the pippe made to finish in the normal position should be much cheaper as they won't have to muck around with tight angles.
I hope that helps




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