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mc19 Fairings for sale

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All these items are for sale, individually and all together as a package... I haven't checked out the postage costs, but I will do so on request.
Pick-up is about an hour north of Newcastle if that is more convenient, i will consider all offers.

Back Guards:
these have minor scratches but no cracks at all. The black thing on the top one is some sort of sticker, i assume it is to cover up some rash on the side.

Tail light thing:
This is perfectly fine, barely at scratch really.

Front Guard:
Perfectly fine, and barely any scratches.

Right Fairing:
Not too bad, however there is a crack running from the bottom, through a screw hole. The screw hole on the left is obviously missing the top loop.

the crack...

Left Fairing:
This fairing is pretty good, no scratches that go through the paint... all the screw holes are fine except for the one on the top right and some some minor cracks around the middle right one.

Front Dash:
This is pretty screwed to be honest, but here are photos anyway!

All these are up for sale.. make me an offer i cant refuse! :D

Cheers Will
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how much u want 4 the front fairing and postage up 2 brisbane... only want bits off it lol so doesnt matter how u post it ere lol :)
Skellyton said:
All these are up for sale.. make me an offer i cant refuse! :D

Cheers Will
How about a horse's head on your bed when you wake up? Could you refuse such a friendly offer :D
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