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MC19 Fuel Tap

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Does anyone know how to fix a mc19 fuel tap?
I am finding it hard to source a new tap so will have to try to fix mine.
Even when the tap is off fuel still runs through and floods the carbies and overflows onto the floor
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O-ring kit. But by the sounds of it you might have something more going on, leaving your fuel on won't flood the carbies and over flow onto the floor. Doesn't work like that.
Sounds like you've got leaks elsewhere in your fuel system, possibly lines or carbies.

I'd look for evidence of leaking around the carbs, and check to see your lines aren't cracked or perished.
Yeah I didn't think it was possible for fuel to leak past the fuel pump.

I had a MC19 the other day that was leaking fuel everywhere. Turned out that the fuel tap doesn't switch off and the hose to the tank is just loose enough that fuel got in between the inner/outer lining of fuel hose.

It was that swollen it look like a small pickle. Even had blisters all over it.
it could be a cracked fuel hoseif its not the tap.
i picked up a metre for $6 at repco......
Cheers for the help.
I stripped down the bike today. its not the tap. its the fuel line where it branches off the the carbies that is leaking.
was looking at it thinking how the hell can it be removed. i dont have pics but it is what the fuel line connects to on the carbies. the fitting swivels a small ammount and is leaking out of the point that swivels.
can anyone help me out?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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