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mc19 project

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Mc19 Project bike, custom fairing fitment etc.
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Mods include tyga rsw front, rgv250 tail, nsr250 swingarm, mc22 carbies open with one off cnc alloy trumpets, balanced stainless exhaust and so on, will post more pictures if people are interested in some of the mods, hope you's like
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the nose cone looks too long and theres a huge gap between the bars and nose cone. to each their own but i dont like it. edit, also, can you turn full direction without your bars hitting the nose? it just looks misshaped.
It does seem like it's sits overly far forwards in the picture, seems a bit like that on the nsr250's as well which is what it's made for, keep in mind this is only a mock up at the moment there's still work to be done, I am looking for people's opinions on what might need changing, no there's plenty of clearance on turning
Plus the extra bit of fairing that doesn't match up on the "back" of the front fairing? There's a few cm over hang where it bolts onto the bottom fairing. Urghhhhh
Yeah it is obviously not going to leave it like that, the bottom half of the fairing is the original plastics cut down with the vents filled in, I am going to add on to them till it fits and form a fibreglass piece from them
I really dont mind it as a project. I like something different so good on you.Why use an nsr swing arm and why you didnt go mc22. Was it to fit a bigger rear tyre? Why not start with an mc22 in the first place? Being curious not judgemental.
Well reason for starting with the mc19 was because it was in better condition and lower k's than some others I looked at and I got it for a real steal, changed the swingarm mainly because I like the gull arm style and the nsr one was fairly close, not a bolt on job though, has a couple of advantages though it's not very heavy and has room for an oversized tire also it's slightly shorter so should be good for a decent wheel stand
lookin good mate, dunno why people are whinging
Thanks mate, mixed opinions so far, but I guess that's the point posting it, anyway was working on it this morning replacing the fuel line so took a few more pics

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I'm interested in that (awesome looking) exhaust manifold you're using—did you buy it or have it made up?
Actually fabricated that myself, I'm a fabricator by trade and work for an engineering shop so making parts isn't a problem, exhaust isn't entirely finished yet but shouldn't be far away, when it's finished I'll put up more extensive pictures and if the demand is there might not be a problem to do a run of several items
Yeah it's pretty flash looking, does it sound better than the standard one? Also, are those inlet trumpets a custom job too?

It looks like a great project.
Being stainless steel it has a unique note, I definitely think its better plus the reason for the shape was to balance the length of each tube, not sure that this would have really significant gains but it's a step in the right direction, as for the trumpets a fellow I work with wrote a program for the cnc to produce them
Update, disassembled my bike to give it a proper clean, just finished polishing frame, took forever to do it and still got the swingarm to do, but the effect looks awesome when finished
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puuuurty!!! +1 on the polish work. and post history, wasnt "whinging" simply stating my opinion, im not against anything custom, the nose was just longer than i prefer. keep at it though, you could come up with something pretty cool in the end.
I really like this!
With the polished frame, rear swingarm and fairings it looks like Hondas RS250 race bike.

Good job, what colors are ya going for?
I'd go rothmans or something in that time period...
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