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mc19 project

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Mc19 Project bike, custom fairing fitment etc.
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It's looking great so far. It's still a mock up, just keep going and improving it.

Here's my 2cents: because of the shape of the nose cone and you are not using the air guides, there is a lot more cables "exposed" than the standard nose cone would show. Think about creating something to cover a bit the mess, as the air guides do on the normal fairings. And since the bike has been heavily modified to look a more modern bike, maybe use a digital speedometer too.

Keep us posted of the progress.
Thanks for everyone's input, yeah making the wiring look right is going to require some thought, as for the clock I've bought a koso rx2n digital one since the pictures were taken, was thinking of adding in oil pressure, volts etc gauges around the clock also, as for paint work I'm not decided yet a race replica would be cool but I'm also thinking black for that stealthy look, either way I kinda like the idea that people would really have to look closely to figure out what model it is
Thought I might also show some of the parts that are going to find their way onto the bike,
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Had one of those saas guages on my stagea. Problem I had is the needle lights up the same colour as the numbers. Found it difficult to read at a glance. You might find it ok but im only suggesting you find another type / make bro. Fustrated the heck out of me! A digital one night suit the more contemporary theme you got going. Suggestion only... EDIT oh wait I just saw the snail shell *waits for next update*
Carbon Kevlar!!! My favorite!
What shock is that???
Oh I'm all excited now!
The rear rear shock is a late model yzfr6 unit, chose it because it is fully adjustable it will however require making my own brackets, hopefully I'll get the swingarm on this weekend and I'll mount up the shock also, might also remove the spring and give it a coat of black

Thought I might try something different with my swingarm, I've always wanted to have a go at making one so this is what I've got so far, going to do the other side as well but haven't figured it out yet
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Careful with making your own swingarm, rigidity/flex can play a big part in how the final product handles. Unless you're in engineering?
Not a mechanical engineer as such, I'm an engineering fabricator, the practical side, so I have a fairly sound knowledge, I know what you mean though but the best way to learn with things such as this is to have a go and see how the finished product performs, either way it is something I want gain experience in
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Not too much has happened with the bike recently, but I managed to get to it today and got the new forks fitted

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WOW!! Keen as to see more progress!

I need to ask a favour from a fellow mc19 owner, could someone please measure from the ground up to the centre of the swingarm pivot point when the bike is perfectly upright, reason is I need a good reference to set my ride height with the non standard shock, it would be much appreciated.
So the rebuild is almost done finally, new pistons, rings, bearings and fresh hone
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Got them off Ali baba, so China I think, they came in genuine Honda boxes with part number and all so figure that one out, putting them together they seemed to be of good quality

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Got them off Ali baba, so China I think, they came in genuine Honda boxes with part number and all so figure that one out, putting them together they seemed to be of good quality

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I have had the same ali barbar (& the 40 thieves)experience,the oem boxes were a surprise,(even though the o/s pistons has a part number suffix which is not in Honda's database) so much so I questioned the seller regarding their country of origin,,definitely Chinese was the reply,I can't fault the pistons, other than a slight variation in their OD which varies from piston to piston, , which is not a problem if reboring, but triple check their fit in the bores if using them to replace stock pistons.
I would not use the pins supplied with them, apart from being much heavier,their tensile strength is very sus
If they were going to fail, my LSR race MC19 would manage it.
Does the rgv250 tail fit onto mc19 frame ? or was there extra work done
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