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MC22 Aussie Restoration

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Hey guys, new member here. I've actually been browsing for many many hours. Was inspired by many projects to start my own. I found my self a 1998 Honda CBR250rr for sale on Ebay for $1900. Still had over 6 months rego left. Started first time every time.

I didnt really want to get too crazy with it, but I love pulling things apart and understanding how things work. One minute I was pulling things off to see what condition it was in, next minute the bike was in complete bits.

So the overall plan is to break the bike down and rebuild everything to like new condition. As much as I want to play with the engine, it was running fine so Im going to leave it alone. Just give it a fresh look.

I love the look of the bike and will not be going the Tyga kit. The plan was to keep the original look, but once I had everything in pieces I thought I would get everything powdercoated to give it the best chance of looking new again.

So I've been at it for a while, I was going to share it with you guys but for some reason my account wasnt been activated. So now that it is, I'll throw up some random pics ive been taking.

Its pretty much up to rebuilding now. So let the fun begin :D
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what I am missing is the brake master for the front calipers.... Just want to know if the previous brake master will be compatible on the dual caliper as it is originally goes on single caliper.... thanks in advance
I'm not too familiar with the 300R however it should work, only thing I would be worried about is the sensitivity of the brakes since it looks like the 300R's master cylinder is a tad smaller volume wise. Just need a double banjo bolt to connect up the extra line.
I found myself wondering "Why do I even bother, I'll never compare to my reference build." Thanks for all the great pictures!
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Holy shiiiiii! Love the motor rebuild! The hydra blasted crank cases turned out mint! good work! Do you know what purpose those 'out of circle grooves' in the tops of the cylinder bores serve? Dat OEM replacement parts feel =).
HORY CLAP!!! You, sir, are the best I've ever seen. Haven't been very active on the forum for awhile, and I recently decided to "restore" my MC22. After seeing your project though, I can only publicly admit that I'll just be "freshening it up a bit"...I think you have set the standard. Part of my freshening up will include a fairing kit. I'm curious who you purchased yours from and how did it fit up? There's about 10 billion to choose from on ebay and I'm sure they all come from the same Chinese factory, is any one better than another?
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Thanks mate. I can't actually remember who I got my fairings from. It was Ebay and Australian seller that imports the fairings. Good luck with your bike. Cheers

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awesome Benny, what a read. Lookin forward to the new engine/startup
Hey Benny Jay - hope the bike is still treating you well. Keen to see any follow up pics and progress since finishing your rebuild. I'm just about to embark on my own rebuild (freshen up). :)
Amazing detail and congrats on such a nice bike.
Finally found the epic build I was looking for.
My goodness, what an amazing journey, so far the best CBR250RR I've seen. By a long way.

I just got myself one as a little project, will be making it run first. Nowhere near the detail of this, but still worthwhile I think.

any updates?
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