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Hi y'all, excuse the gumtree copy paste but it's easiest. Any questions just post below/msg/pm

mob - 0433473123



This ad is for my baby blade which is for sale.

A little about the bike:
- I use the bike probably 2-3 times a week as a reliable method to get to and from my weekend job.

- I have had it for 3 years.

- I have serviced the bike AT LEAST every 3,000kms (oil filter, change oil, new/clean sparkies, etc)

- I have added a new exhaust, new clutch and brake levers, foot pegs, new MOTObat battery, had the forks reconditioned, LED dash lights.

-Is the bike in cosmetically perfect condition? Nope, scratches bumps and dings in some places. This is going to happen on your first bike (trust me) and when it does won't it make sense / feel good to lol instead of cry?

-is the bike in mechanically effect condition?
Yep, my mechanic says so and it has never skipped a beat and I always look after it.

What's included/does the bike have rego?
I have a full set of gear (rjays helmet, alpine stars gloves and leather top, rydah pants and rjays motorcycling boots)
I have 5 spare keys
I can register the bike for a year if you would like me to.

This price is without any rego or gear, with gear/rego I can do around 2G negotiable.
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