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MC22 Stalling Issue

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Hey All

First of all wanted to say Hi and great job with the new look of the forums.

I live in Sydney and have owned a '99 MC22 (Australian delivered model) since September last year. I got the bike when I was on my learners and have got my provisional license since then. Have had great fun on the baby CBR :D

I've recently noticed an occasional problem where the bike will stall when the clutch is pulled in and the brakes are applied (such as when stopping for a traffic light). At other times the revs will drop very low and it'll just manage to avoid a stall, and at other times it will just drop to the normal idle RPM like nothing is wrong so it's a very occasional issue. I suspect it's a vacuum leak of some sorts but am unsure where to start looking :huh:

The bike was serviced recently with new oil and a filter and the 'vacuum plugs' were also changed, but this has not helped the problem. I also replaced the spark plugs a few months ago. I've currently resorted to setting the idle speed up to around 1800RPM (was 1500 before) as this seems to help avoid the issue.

Any idea how I can fix this?
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