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Hey guys,

I'm currently fixing some of the atrocious wiring on MC22, in particular the starter solenoid. I've got a new starter solenoid and solenoid/fuse plug, but I'm not sure which wires go where.

From the wiring diagram it looks like the red and red/white share a common terminal, which matches with a shared terminal connection of the starter solenoid.

My question is this: when looking towards the 30A blade fuse, with the two screw terminals (battery in and starter motor out) at the back of the fuse, what is the order of the wiring? I'm assuming that the red and red/white are the two closest terminals (shared), with the red/green and red/yellow being the two terminals closest to the blade fuse. Can someone please confirm which of the red/green or red/yellow is on the left and which is on the right?

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