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MC22 streetfighter / cafe fighter

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Hey everyone and welcome :) I haven't been on this site since my last mc22 was stolen in early 2013.
Its good to be back!
So recently picked up an MC22 that was a little worse for wear.... and when I say a little, I mean ALOT.
(have to work out the photo situation)

Anyway, this is a thread of my build as it goes. I've decided to go streetfighter influenced for something different. My last bike was finished with the Tyga T8 kit and I loved it, however, why make the same thing thing twice?

So, as I said, this will be streetfighter, cafefighter influenced, so if you're not into that kind of thing I guess you can just leave instead of telling me I should have returned it to factory. That shit is boring!
This build will not happen overnight, so don't get your pants twisted.
I'd love to show you a photo of what it will look like when its done, but nothing I've found really matched it.

Suggestions and ideas most welcome. Enjoy :D


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Just get a genuine Honda. They're only like $60
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i now own this bike yet again another cbr was stolen from alex was recoverd about 6 months after it was stolen and crashed into a pole i am allmost finished building the bike 1 week after buying the bike this is a picture of day 1 progress left is how i got right is day 1 progress p.s the tank is just sitting there.
View attachment 3689
i will not be keeping the green when my budget allowes it will be going black and yellow. yellow tank and some pinstriping on the tail and black for the front fender and flyscreen.

does anyone know where i can get a cheap eletronic taco that can read upto 18k rpm and has the required items on it
Hey man are you able to put pictures of the speedo and show how it's connected to the bike and where the wiring runs.
i dont have a speedo yet im thinking on getting the trailteck vapor and i have gotten a new wiring harness because the previous one was very bad and had wires going everywhere. i have just tucked the wires inside and behind the lights
hey guys i have chosen the acewell 3969 dash and will be ariving soon last bit untill the bike is back on the road
here is what she looks like today. The dash will be here tomorrow or tuesday. once the dash is installed it will be time for a roady. View attachment 3873 View attachment 3881 View attachment 3889 View attachment 3897
I've ridden the 250 to what I believe is the sane limits of the bike. I got knee down around most corners in the hills. what held me back the most was actually the rear shock. i was being thrown off the bike half way through a turn because a bump appeared. Now that I have the gixxer, and all it's smooth newer suspension glory, I have no plans to take the cbr out on anything other than city commutes. That is because I find the 250 can fit through much smaller gaps in traffic than the 600. Lane splitting is much easier haha.
41 - 49 of 49 Posts
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