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MC22 Wheel Bearings Update Info Supplied

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I'm getting some new tyres (Dunlop GPR70) for Girly's bike on Saturday and I'm going to do the wheel bearings at the same time - makes sense!

Can someone please confirm the below part numbers and fill in the blanks on the others.

Front Bearings

2 x 6004RS
2 x Seal 28x42x8mm Availiable or OEM 91257-KA3-711

Rear Bearings

2 x 6203RS
1 x 6204RS
1 x Seal 28x47.2x7mm Only availiable in 47mm or OEM 91252-MC4-003
1 x Seal 25.4x40x? Only availiable OEM 91252-KY1-004

I've tried looking up on the internoob and old forum threads (i'd have to say it's easier to search the old forum now).

Any help is greatly appriciated :)
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RE: MC22 Wheel Bearings Need some Help !!


RE: MC22 Wheel Bearings Need some Help !!

Thanks Matt.

I'll search on that size and get the part numbers for each seals and edit my original post for others future referance.

Numbers 23 and 24 also confirm the bearing numbers I listed. and the Front wheel is also confirmed.
RE: MC22 Wheel Bearings Need some Help !!

GPR70's? Where the hell are you getting them from? GPR a10's??
RE: MC22 Wheel Bearings Need some Help !!


glad i could help.

- on another note, i bought some stuff from those guys. it took almost two months to ship, and they don't calculate shipping til after they've put the order together, so you don't know the final cost til it comes through on your credit card.
RE: MC22 Wheel Bearings Need some Help !!

richo said:
GPR70's? Where the hell are you getting them from? GPR a10's??
Yeah the Alpha 10s 110 and 140 size. But I still call them the 70's because I'm old school.

Dunlop Alpha 10s

I used to get these for my CBR all the time - thay rock:headbang:. And since Girly has been using Arrow max tyres for 4 years (proves how hard they are) they are finally feathered and flat spotted. Also she had a huge screw embedded diagonally in the centre of the front tyre that didnt go through, but I don't like to take risks with my babe.

And you know where I'm getting them from.:newspaper:

Matt thanks. I have access to 3 major wholesale bearing suppliers that should be able to help. I have the front wheel bearings already left over from some All Balls bearing kits. Ill post correct bearing numbers once the parts arrive.
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