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MCC meeting

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Ok first up congats to evryone who wrote emails.
The meeting was very interesting. The MAA were aproached by the MCC and to put it bluntly they are shiting themselves. They have no data to back up the increase. If they go to a senate estimates inquiry they will burn as they have no data period! They are looking at putting all lams bikes into the one bracket (this involves you younger guys). And bikes who dont carry pillions. There was alot of talk about the ride on the 31 of August (thats when parliment resits) it a tuesday would be great to see a large group of new young riders there. The MCC said that the MAA and other MP's etc had not seen this much mail about one single subject in a long time. So keep them going. It wont be a short battle it will take at least 6 months so maintain the rage people.
In the next 48 hrs the MCC will send out an email with points and questions so that every one can write an email. A copy of some one elses email will get ignored. So you write your own and put all the points in and send them out. There are 160,000 riders in NSW. That many people will change a govt! Ill put the email on here when I get it. So lets make CTP fair.
Remember. Uninted we ride, Divided we walk!
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Oh and write to your CTP insurance company and ask whay you are being charged more!
glad to hear that
good work buddy

just put up the email here and i'll start emailing the people again
Guys all I did was send some emails and go to a meeting. The people concerned have had heaps of emails so lets keep sending them. I got this today from Clover Moores office. Its a letter she has sent to the Govt. We are making lots of noise and the right people are taking notice!

6 July 2010
The Hon Michael Daley MP
Minister for Finance
Level 31 Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place
Dear Minister
Motorcycle Insurance Green Slips
I write on behalf of a number of motorcycle owners who have contacted me about changes to green slip prices for motorcycles.
Residents who have contacted me say that the Motor Accident Authority has changed the categories for charging insurance, and added a new category that applies to premiums for 250cc motorcycles and scooters.
Motorcyclists tell me that the premiums for some motorcycles and scooters have tripled as a result of this change. They are concerned that this significant rise has not been justified with evidence.
Those who have contacted me are concerned that this change will discourage people from using motorcycles and scooters and return to using cars, which need more road and parking space, and use considerably more resources and fuel.
Could you please review green slip premiums and inform me what action you will take?
Yours sincerely
Clover Moore
Member for Sydney
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Cotter, I didn't see you there and did not know you where going.
My self (CJ the loud mouth) and Angie were in attendance along with quite a few others. I would have liked to have said g'day.
Can you forward the Clover Moore mail to Rob or the MCC via the MCC Website?
Good write up by the way.
CJ and AngieMae
I rocked up 5 min late with a mate I was in the tan cargo pant my mate was wearing a streetfighter hoody. Im sorry Im shit with names. Are you the guy thats doing the dirt bike thing? Ill say G'day at the next one. I emailed the letter to big kev of the busa forum. Was a good meeting I expected alot of talk but Rob was all over it! Hearing him say the MAA was shitting themselves was quite pleasing to hear.
Was good to get that response from Clover.
hay i missed this i wood have gone pless put a not in th ride out forum and ill come next time
MCC meets first monday of every month, at the same joint.

If the monday falls on a public holiday, its pushed back to the following monday.
Ok the ride being organised by the MCC and is on the 31st of August. Whos in? Check out what french bike riders do when they get screwed over. Are we better than the french??

Thats awesome, I'm all up for the protest btw whats MCC? I've been studying for the last few days :(

nvm google works too
aj26 said:
Thats awesome, I'm all up for the protest btw whats MCC? I've been studying for the last few days :(

nvm google works too
The MCC is the MotorCycle Council of NSW.
It is made up of memeber delegates from clubs and forums in NSW.
There are delegates from Bikers Anon, Ulysses Club, Oroadsports, Two Wheels forum, Sydney Knights, Aus Streetfighters, Hells Angels etc.
There are approximately 60 Member clubs.
The represent riders and present riders issues to the powers that be and do it on a shoestring budget with a lot of volunteers.
If you guys are not on the list it is easy to do. Get a form, fill it in and set up a page for MCC discussion.

Cotter, yes I was the fella re the dirt bikes.
I have a trail bike, a road trail and a road bike. My partner has a KLR250 Traily and a CBR250R that goes like a snake. I sometimes wonder why I don't have one as it so much fun to ride in the city.
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