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[MEL] Noojee run Sat 17 - UPDATED AGAIN

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Dear fuckers.

This run is supposed to be pretty shit hot with 2 mad bits of turf to cover. (I tried to embed this shit but it didn't work)

UPDATE: It seems the consensus is for Saturday BUT the forecast for this weekend is getting shittier by the day - What do people think about putting it off till the following weekend? (17th)

UPDATE 2: The 17th it is. Fuck you richo


The mad bits are between destination points B & C (~20Kms) and D & E (~12Kms). Section D to E is apparently a little forest road that was converted from dirt to tar not that long ago with good hairpins & 2nd gear fellas to chew on. Just zoom in & have a squizz.

I'd suggest we'd wanna get away from Lilydale about 10am at the latest if ya wanna be home by dinner time taking into account smokos, fuels, noms, waiting for slow cunts like me etc.

I'm free all weekend. Weather says isolated showers in the mornings and 14 -15 degs for Satdy & Sundy but Satdy's lookin real windy. I reckon by the time we get there the rain shoulda fucked off.

Lettuce know what ya reckon and which day you prefer.

UPDATE 3 Meet up point is Lilydale McDonalds, on Maroondah Highway, corner of Deschamps Avenue at 10:00AM


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RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10 or Sun 11

Potential maybe innors depending on about 1000000 factors. Maybe.

In the event that I'm innors I'll have at least a +1
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10 or Sun 11


Looks like a good run - but i've got too much planned this weekend. I hope the weather works out well for you!

Pics would be nice to make me feel bad about not being there!
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10 or Sun 11

hmm Don't think I can do that long a ride this weekend. I'm taking a pillion who's never been on a bike before out :) mwuhahahaha[hr]
Oh cuz, btw that's road I took you down one time near warburton.. remember the road u said u loved and wanted to go down again lol.
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10 or Sun 11

Oh hahah awesome.

Well regardless of how things pan out, if I go it'll be on a bike that's not mine so I'll be going soooopar easy.
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10 or Sun 11

Could be interested, if I am I'll bring a +1 :)[hr]
Well, I should say, I AM interested, but it would be a schedule permitting thing :)
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10 or Sun 11

I can confirm the road to Noojee is tops.
If you can be bothered, there is a wicked wooden trestle rail bridge just off the road, you should see a sign and a gravel road, on your right heading away from Melbourne. Worth a stop and look.
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10 or Sun 11

if it's Saturday, you'll be battling the elements:

Forecast for Saturday
Cloudy. Isolated showers from the morning. Winds northerly averaging up to 60 km/h tending north to northwesterly up to 65 km/h around midday.
A little rain. Windy.
Min 9 Max 14

if it's Sunday, i'll be battling the South Morang go kart track
$35 track days FTW!!
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RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10 or Sun 11

Right, inn0rs if it's saturday. Come on ladies, a little rain and wind never hurt anyone.
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10 or Sun 11

im out, ill be back home.
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10 or Sun 11

I may be down for this on Saturday. I'll keep checking this space for who else is in and meeting point etc.
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10 or Sun 11


When's dis hapnen?
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10(??) - UPDATE

definately keener if it's on the 17th.
70km/h winds + showers + mountain roads = sad fayse
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10(??) - UPDATE

Pencil me in for the 17th.
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10(??) - UPDATE

Sounds good to me.
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10(??) - UPDATE

Soft. I think I'm outters that weekend.
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10(??) - UPDATE

17th could work for me.
RE: [MEL] Noojee run Sat 10(??) - UPDATE

I'm out that weekend too. I'm gonna' get hammered at the footy instead.
Turns out I'm busy around 2pm. Looks like I'm out.
[email protected] Update.

Like I say, I may still be inn0rz. Will let you know closer to the date. For the fucken record yesterday was an awesome day for a blat.
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