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[MELB] Sat 7th August - Leaving Mexico for the tropics!

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Ok so most of you guys know I'm planning an adventure, moving from Melbs to Cairns.

I don't where to have a farewell bash only that I want it to be central so that more people can get there and there must be alcohol!

So Saturday 7th August is the day/night for farewell with my departure set for the 16th August.

Any ideas where?... and let me know if u can come and I'll try and keep this thread updated :)
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Deffo in. we can haz the party in my pants.theres alot of room to move in there, just got watch out for the bells n whistles. wo0p wo0p..
I'm a mebbe... will let you know closer to the date :)
In. Just let me kow the details when it's decided.
Ren, don't forget to drop in to Brisbane- we have a room set up for you and rascal and that way you can go on a rideout if you wish or a few drinks for a night. Trust me you'll need it before heading up there.
I wont forget Giords!
Jesse wont be coming with me, but Bren is coming as my wingman and flying back.

I'm starting to get a little nervous now :s

She'll be right though.

I'm thinking if no-one suggests any better ideas another night down at Transport in the city - Fed Square...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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