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Melb - Tuesday night

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Just checking since the old forum is no longer .. anyone actually heading out to Thai joint? Not going to rock up on my own :blush:

If anyone is going .. which Thai joint is / was it .. Kate?
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Wait was that tomorrow?

I'm outters now, waaaay too poor.
Yep .. tomorrow. Kate is out too, not sure who else was keen anyway.

Might just pull the pin. Boo hoo
Moh. When're you in town till?
Tuesdays are bad for me... sorry... any other day is good... maybe thursday?
Oh well .. night over. Melb forum sucks :p
Wally said:
Oh well .. night over. Melb forum sucks :p
pfft! last time I take you anywhere for a parma then :p
Shmeh, where you at puggs the other week huh?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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