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Mick Dyer Motorcycles in Penrith

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Has anyone been to these guys before?
If so how do you rate there work/service?

also what was there price like?

My blade i currently there. hoping they can find what is wrong with it.
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Your username is suspiciously close to the shop you are asking about.
dayeve said:
Your username is suspiciously close to the shop you are asking about.
lol more like coincidently close.
I have only dealt with the workshop once over the phone.

I asked a random dude how if his wheel lips were chrome or polished they were so bling. He told me that mick dyer at Penriff polished it for him. When I called the workshop they told me I could bring in my bike and they could charge me for taking off the wheels and then send the wheels to their polisher or they could give me the number of the polisher and I could take my own wheels myself.

I was impressed with their honesty.
I used to take my bike to Mick Dyer's when I lived in Penrith. They have an excellent reputation and it is well deserved. I've yet to find another mechanic's shop anywhere else that compares to their professionalism. My only complaint (and it's not really a complaint) is that they do not accept EFTPOS or credit card, it is strictly cold hard cash only.

Oh, and Dayeve, the metal polisher is their next door neighbour.[hr]
Oh sorry, the question was asked about pricing, they are not noticeably cheaper or dearer than any other shop, prices are very reasonable though considering the quality of workmanship and accountability for said workmanship.
Thanks for the info slojo
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