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musical head gear

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just wondering what most people use for listening to music, gps directions, phones ect while riding?
i have seen a few expensive options but i dont have the cash to splash on those, i have tried normal ear plugs but if i move my helmet even a tiny bit they move and start to hurt after a few minutes, yeah i know harden up n all but i was hoping for a more comfortable set up.
also do you need to cut out some of the foam in your helmet to make them fit properly? ive seen it done for race cars thats all.
my GPS got wet the other day and is now dead so im up for a new one now, any ideas on whats good for the bike and car?

cheers Brett
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try the in ear type earphones, they seems to work for me as they get held in pretty tight and aren't uncomfortable. they also give a much better sound that regular ear buds IMO.
i don't listen to music while riding and i really don't know how anyone can......each to their own i guess.
mmm i just sing to myself... nearly died while i had the ipod on once. never again
the few times i have had music going on the way home, it kinda takes my mind off the cold and makes my trip go faster, the ones im using are the ear bud ones, like the ones you'd get with a handsfree set of something is this what you mean bannana?
I use sennheiser in ear plugs, they're said to be noise cancelling, and to a point they are but not as good as I thought they were going to be. They're comfortable though and the sound quality is good through my phone
I use akg k340 earphones. Bit exxy at 160 a pop but they fit perfectly and have an online volume control which comes in very very handy
i love my ipod while riding.
i can still hear my bike and the traffic around me.
can't say i've been surprised by the appearance of a car out of nowhere too often
checking your mirros helps a lot too
yeah I use ipod and Sennheiser earphones.

I have it just load enough to hear so it takes the edge off the sense of emergency feeling I normally get.
I use it for work trips, otherwise I use no earphones
I use my phone and the stocky nokia in the ear headphones cos they have music controls that I can use with gloves on.
I listen to tri oval yoshimura pipes.
Everyone says the "in ear" ones are the best because they stick in nicely and cancel surrounding sounds, but hell, how are you going to hear cars and horns around you?
I think its more dangerous having those then anything else, I wouldn't do it.
I use special helmet headphones. They're bloody awesome.
They are two velcro pads which are actually speakers. They fit on the inside of your helmet and stick to the lining.
Mine sometimes annoy me because of my ear ring, but other then that, I forget that they are even there.
They have volume control and come with an extension cable.
Best of all is that you can hear everything around you, and still be able to listen to your music.
They are connected by one cable, so you can just pass it around the back of your lining, and it cant even be seen.

I got them off a bloke in hong kong who sold them on ebay, although I think they got taken down because he got in trouble.
Never-the-less I will try to get in contact with him and see if he can send me some over in bulk and I will just resell them here if there is enough interest, there seems to be a few people that want them.

Here are some pics I just took:

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nice, i'll take a pair if you can get hold of him, but i'll have a look around for em till then. cheers.

edit: just found them on ebay for $6.00 free postage. woot woot!
let me know how your hunt goes. There are some which are around $45 on a few websites but the ones I got were half that price, and they haven't failed me yet.
in ear ones are no more dangerous than ear plugs when you aren't listening to music. I also don't listen to music while doing anything other than a sedate hwy run, I don't even like using ear plugs on more technical roads tbh. and I'll only usually listen to one album then take them out.

why unnecessarily distract yourself with music?
sennheiser mx350

they dull the sound of my stupidly loud exhaust and give me tunes. win.[hr]
as to why listen to music? because when you are riding for 4 hours its nice to have something to listen to. i find it focuses me.

i generally don't listen to music in traffic though.
I use ear plugs now, you can still hear things going on around you and the bike. Not to the same extent, of course, but you are not in a fortress of solitude.

In ear headphones are the same deal, you don't crank it... you have it on a low volume.

I haven't ridden with music in a long time, simply because my ipod broke and then the phone I used for music broke. Ear plugs are a bit of a $%@# to get to sit right (I use the squishy foam ones) so I will be glad when I finally have in ear headphones.

I wouldn't use helmet speakers on their lonesome, the reason I use plugs/phones is to protect my hearing.
even with the buds in i dont find it any harder to hear things
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