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My bikes leaking oil!

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Hey guys,

I just brought a cbr250rr not too long ago & i've recently just discovered that my bike has been leaking oil & the forks are leakings pretty bad aswell, I checked the dip stick only to find that a have very little oil left.

since i am new to the owning a bike I am thinkin of bringing it in to a motorcycle repair shop but not to sure which one, I was thinking red baron at liverpool.

Any other places that would look after my bike that you guys would recommend?

I live around Sydneys Western Suburbs
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Are you checking your oil properly for starters? eg. bike standing up (not on side stand) engine warm.
Try and find where its leaking from and check back here.

Forks are relatively easy to do yourself if you get someone to show you the first time round, i'm sure someone on here can oblige, all you need is new fork oil, new seals and some tools, easily save 100bucks on labor if done yourself.

However if mechanical shit freaks you out Castle Hill motorcycles is a top shop, depending where abouts out west you are.

P.S welcome to the forum beetches.

Forks were the very first fix I had to do on my bike. I had no mechanical knowledge and had a mate help me out, we did it in about an hour and a half with no issue.
There are a few annoying screws, but if you take your time, I think you will benefit from learning how to do it yourself whilst saving money taking it to a mechanic.

Before I did mine I went through this guide a couple of times just to familiarise myself with what I was going to be doing.

Have a look through it, and if it looks too daunting for you, and you have the money to throw around, hand it to a mechanic.
Wtf. What dipstick?
Changing oil is easy - havent done forks before tho
dayeve said:
Wtf. What dipstick?
theres a dipstick on the end of the oil cap.....

changing oil shouldnt be too hard with use of minimal tools and takes only a few steps.
forks on the other hand compared to oil change takes much longer
Forks are ok to do but you should have someone in the know help you first time.
There are some good YouTube vids on rebuilding forks which may help ya.

Just to let you know, if your bike has run low on oil it could be terminal!
Check it on a flat surface as above with the bike straight up.
Hope it's all good!
Have you checked the Oil level?
Hey guys,

I have just recently finished replacing my sparkplugs cause I flooded the engine also checked the oil levels & they were fine but while doing that i decided to leave the side fairings off & it kinda looks like the oil is coming from the engine where the gasket seals are so Iam thinkin i need to replace em?

Any good places where I could get it done around Western Sydney?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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