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Well my very good mate had just got his learners permit and he was searching for a good 250 to learn on. He came to me very confused to which bike to get until I let him take my hornet for a ride.

That was it, so the searching begin. He told me that he would like to restore one like I did to mine so I just happen to know where one such bike existed.

Meet exhibit A.

The story goes that the previous owner let someone else take it for a spin. They lost control and slid up a gutter.

You might spot the dirt on the ground that I had to dig out of the hole in the engine casing. I wanted to make sure that the crank shaft wasn't bent and that the engine cranked over.

The damage including the following.

-Dented front rim
-Smash headlight and casing
-Blinkers mashed
-Levers busted
-Tank dented
-Clutch cover, magneto and stator trashed
-Mirror smashed
-Tires worn and accident damage
-Battery foobar

Now considering that he wanted $1,000 for the bike in this state and that it has only 14,000 klms on it I thought it was a pretty good deal.

Now fast forward about 2 months and this is what it looks like now. This is what has been done to the bike so far.

-Second hand clutch cover, magneto and stator
-Fuel tap (no fuel tap on bike??)
-Front rim repaired
-New tires (very sticky ones)
-All panels repaired and painted in candy apple red and black.
-Street fighter head lights
-Led blinkers all round
-New levers
-Ebay fancy mirrors
-Full service and tune including carby clean and new o-rings

All up I think that the bike owes just over $3,500 with 12 months rego and he could sell it for well over $4,000 all day. Not that he intended to sell his pride and joy.

We went for a big ride today and it was great to see him enjoy his hard work.

I couldn't help myself so i took a picture of the twins...

Anyway I thought you would enjoy the pictures.

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You clever mother fucker. Thats a looks immaculate. Top workmanship.

Offtopic, but can add your LC torri with the RB25DET (or was it RB26det) to the projects sections. I loved looking at it even tho i really wanted you to go with the RB30sc

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fitzy said:
i think i just fell in love with hornet 250's looks bloody unreal!
Just wait until you take it for a spin tomorrow. The hornets are a great bike for urban cruiser commuting. The also love the longer rides. They don't handle or go as hard as the CBR's, but you can't have them all.[hr]
CBR_RR said:
Beautiful job mate, I'm taking that the orangy one is yours?

Yes it is. It's been sitting in my workshop with a blown head gasket (stupid ebay gasket), but I've just been way too busy to even look at it.

Finally after getting sick of not having my own bike I decided to get it going this time with a honda head gasket.

I wanted to test the ebay gasket anyway and I much rather do it on my own bike than someone bike.

Daveye, not sure how to migrate my threads at the moment, so I'll leave for now. A distant memory.

If I was to migrate all my projects over, what chance would anyone have to even get a spot on the first page? ;)

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CBR_RR said:
Beautiful job mate, I'm taking that the orangy one is yours?
Is that the orange one that you made up for your wife about a year ago, or is it the same colour as the new one just with differnt light angle hitting it?

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Mine is candy apple orange like the busa and my mates is the candy apple red.

Yes it was the one I did up about a year ago, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't for my wife.

It may have been bought for her, but by the time I finished it she had lost all interest in getting her full license. (Sore point don't go there.)

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Sneddy said:
good grief! What a turn around!

Stud... You need to get a set of those headlights for your one!! They look so fucking horn!!

Top fucking work!
Not sure about those headlights yet. I was looking at some hornets with a radical bikini fairing that gives it that cafe race look about it, but I don't think my colour will pull that off.

I do like the Z750 head light and bikini fairing...

locograe said:
Stud thats awesome. Helping a mate out like that is tops. Good onya. Bike looks amazing too
Well he has done so much for me in getting work, so it's been a 2 way street.

Hessian said:
Another happy ending at Destiny Motorcycles
Yes, lol.

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It appears that the Hornet has changed from an innocuous, rather nondescript motorcycle, into something that even a shy and somewhat reluctant poser would want to show off to the whole town. That bike gives a whole new meaning to the word makeover. It is simply a work of art. Big congratulations go out to you on a killer job. The forum members are seeing the fruits of your labours unfold once again, they are in fact, seeing your Destiny unfold.

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fitzy said:
after riding yours today mate bloody hell i want one lol...don't want to sell do you lol..thanks for the fairings also mate~ Might have to start my own thread ;)
I told you that they are a great bike to get around on. Yes, you'll have to start your own thread regarding the race fairings.

jbird said:
nice work stud
Wow, where have you been hiding?

What's new?
Spider Monkey said:
Where did you get the bike from?? I see an rvf In that pic that id be keen on buying and doing up
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