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hey guys
firstly im going for my Ps in about 3 weeks
but before that i need to clean and balance my carbs
i've got a socket set and a couple of screwdrivers
i'll get a can or 2 of carby cleaner as well
all i need is someone to show me how its done and hopefully have a manometer
i know theres a couple of topics but id rather someone show me how to do it as the topics dont cover everything and lack pictures

i got a quote for about 500-600 bucks from a mechanic and i definitely cant afford that right now, besides id rather do it myself than pay a mechanic to do it

i live in hornsby, so hopefully if someone nearby could help that would be great
dont mind going a fair distance as long as its not as far as wollongong

also is there gonna be a service day anytime soon? coz that would be easier


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There's a good thread on cleaning the carbs in the archives here:

As for the rest, you'll have to wait for more experienced user responses. Sorry. :)

It's a pity Wollongong is too far as I would do the carbies for at least half that quote depending on what it needed.

What you have to ask yourself is

a) Do I value my time am I prepared to do it a few times to get it right?
b) Could I spend the time that I would be working on my bike making money? For example it might take you 5 hours from start to finish and only 2 for me.

Hopefully you can find someone that is close to where you live and they can help you fix your bike.

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yeah wollongong is way too far
but thanks for the offer, if im ever going down there i'll let you know

also im still at school so i wouldnt be losing any money if i was working on my bike
and i dont mind doing it a few times, i just dont wanna fuck up anything which might end up costing me more than the quote

crazylegs thanks for the offer
if the weather clears up, hopefully i could get it done soon
im not riding in the rain again till i get new tyres
i'll let you know

also yes, SERVICE DAY?
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