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shporsche said:
dark138 said:
shporsche said:
Hey Guys,
Today at lunch I went to use the blinker and snapped the switch off.
Didnt know my own strength:blush:

Does anyone know were I can find a new assembly?
I have found a new one in Silverwater, but they are $180 or so.

2nd hand is fine for me, aslong as the switch is in good working order.

I'm in Sydney Australia.
that would be metropolitan spares, bloody rip off.
Yup thats them, I found they have a good supply for the 250rr but they certainly know how to charge.

Not if you go in there regularly and have a chat with them.;) They probably just assume that when you ask for mc22 or mc19 parts that you are a n00b. I know i would.
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