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Need Help: Removing broken bar end weight [EDIT: Done it]

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Hi All,

I recently droped my cibby and managed to somehow snap off the bar end:

At first, due to n00bititus, I thought the handlebar itself snapped in half :huh: but today I discovered "the bar end" and from what I've read there is a handlebar weight on the end of it that is designed to snap on forceful impact to protect the handlebar etc.

Anyway I think this is what has happened here (as you can see in the pic below - it's sheared right of)

Now my problem is how do I get the rest of it out and then change it?

And where can I get a replacement (bar end and weight)?

The rest of it is stuck in here...

Thanks in advance
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RE: Need Help: Removing broken bar end weight

Hopefully some part of the tube is still inside the clip on (handle bar). i had the same problem, and part of the tube was still inside, so i jammed in the screw as tight as i could then pulled it out.

Replacement part (the internal tube) was ~$20. Bar ends are universal and freakin everywhere.

Also, the bar end is the weight.

EDIT: 2nd pic fianlly worked. Looks like there might be some tube left inside. See if you can get enough of a screw into it to try and pull it out.
RE: Need Help: Removing broken bar end weight

you might have to drill into the middle of it and use those "ease out" things.
You hammer them in to where you drilled so they lodge in nicely, then get some grips and unscrew the remaining bolt.
Bar ends are universal and can be bought off ebay
RE: Need Help: Removing broken bar end weight

Does the remaining inner piece screw out or pull out? I can't figure it out from the other good handlebar...

There is a small round clip inside the handlebar tube and then the rest of the grey metal bit.

And I would prefer just to keep it stock and replace the bar end with a stock one so if anyone has there old ones lying around please let me know.
RE: Need Help: Removing broken bar end weight

I just checked mine that came from the left hand clip on. The inner piece pulls out. at one of of the inner piece is a ring around which a rubber stopper goes. Further along is a bulbous cylinder and then a stem, part of which is still attached to your bar end.

this is your left handlebar? cant make it out from the pic.
RE: Need Help: Removing broken bar end weight

I finally got it out. :) Thanks for the help guys.

There was maybe a 1/4 turn of thread left on the end of the bolt thingy. I managed to get it out by screwing the screw clockwise into the little bit of thread while I kinda pulled the screw out at the same time.

The clip and rubber boot had to come out first though and for some reason there was a ton of rust/dust in there which kinda made it difficult.

Note the bent screw. Probably needs to be replaced too. And how the hell did so much rust end up in there?

Where did you say one can buy a replacement? Peter Stevens or similar?
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RE: Need Help: Removing broken bar end weight

Argh, you're lucky! I snapped my right hand side aka accelerator :( which was a pain in the ass.

Best is to pull the handle apart to check the damage and what needs replacing.

Call up a few local wreckers which is what i did and found a place that had a whole bike to part out. So I went in and they showed me how it came apart and how to put it back together. So I reccomend going in to a wrecker, if possible with your handle bar parts to compare what you need and they'll help you out. Sweet es brew

EDIT: haha i see you pulled it apart as i posted!
Just ordered a replacement weight from peter stevens in Melbourne. Was ~$23 just for the weight and then bout $3.50 each for rubbers or screw. I didn't bother with these I just got the weight and will reuse the crusty old bits :)

As for the bar ends I'm just gonna get some cheapo eBay aftermarket carbon fibre looking ones like this should be around $15.
I ended up cancelling the order for the original handlebar weight and ended up just going for a set of universal aftermarket bar ends. Worked out cheaper and will look better than the stockies but...

I am now having trouble getting the throttle side weight out. This is the undamaged side. I can turn the weight in the handlebar but the stupid thing wont budge.. I can't pull it out even 1mm.

I've read about drilling it out but what the right way to do it? Do I need to remove the clip first (bit #3 from the left in the pic above)? How do I do this?

Any suggestions welcome...
Pull the fucking thing as hard and with as much hate as you can muster.
Okay, you see those 2 holes near the end of the actual bar? Push something in on both sides and hold it and pull. The little clip makes it pretty hard.
dazz245 said:
Okay, you see those 2 holes near the end of the actual bar? Push something in on both sides and hold it and pull. The little clip makes it pretty hard.
Yeah I've fucked around with that clip that much that now turns with weight. It's still being a bitch... I'm just gonna drill it out when I get my hands on a good drill - mines cactus.
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