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new gloves ...

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So I need some advice about some gloves I bought a while ago ... its a bit (or a lot) of a newb story really, but anyways ...

They seemed to fit nicely in the store, but its not until you actually ride with them that you realise how they fit. They fit fine around the fingers and there is enough space at the end of the finger tips, but if I open my hand, the webbing between my thumb and fingers is father tight. How can I judge if they are too tight, and how much can I expect them to stretch? I wore them for about a week expecting them to stretch a little bit, but they havent really, and they are dangerous to ride in because of the way they fit, hence me asking this advice :) Anyways, what do you all thing?
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How tight is your father? :D
If they are leather try rubbing dubin into them. Or get your scissors out and start 'modding' them.
I assume the gloves are leather? Leather stretches, it just takes some time.

I found a pair of A* gloves in a bargain bin for a ridiculous price that I could barely squeeze my hands into. They were too short in the fingers, too tight everywhere, absolutely nightmare. I had to soak them in water to get them to stretch, but now that they have, they fit absolutely perfectly, there's not a mm of unnecessary slack anywhere in them.

Avoid the water trick if you can (mine were ridiculously tight) because it's not great for the leather, but give it time, wear them around the house if you have to.

^^^ haha, I did the same with my last gloves.
Dunked 'em in a warm bucket of water with my hands in them.
Then chucked 'em in the oven to dry out.
Once they were dry I sprayed them with a few coats of that waterproofing spray.

Worked a treat (except the oven smelt a bit)
Hessian said:
How tight is your father? :D
+1 LOL! :)

Try and avoid the water trick. It weakens the leather... Not ridiculously, but it's something you'd rather not do...
i found mine were a bit tough to hit the indicators in when i first got them, but now i fucken love my gloves. i've worn them in the soaking rain that many times that they almost have my fingerprints embedded in the leather.
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