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Hi Guys, this is my first post on this forum after reading many many many reviews and topics from other members :D

I am actually looking at getting my first bike and with the new financial year (Here in Australia) i am in a position to do so within the next month.

I have obtained my licence already -just to clear that up-
I have found a 2012 CBR250R with 6,500kms on the clock through bike sales as a private sale with a low tag of $3,700(AUD) for a Non-ABS model.

Just after some advice, if i go for an inspection on this model, what should i be looking for? Given that it is only three years old I'm gathering that there shouldn't be any major issues.

I do not want to buy a new bike as I probably will drop it at some point, also I don't want to make a HUGE loss on the bike when looking at upgrading in a few years.

Mainly the bike will be used for commuting, aprox 30kms round trip each day with a maximum highway speed of 80km, so the fuel economy would be great.. I'm also 6'1" weighing in at 100kgs (aprox 215pounds) so any advice to help me make my decision is much appreciated.

Thanks All,

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