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new to here!

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hey, just joined up here. Have a cbr250 mc19 , looking for a good manual on it, to download, if any one could point me in the right direction. all i can find is the spec!
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Hello and welcome

You'll need to go back to the old forum for the manual you need

hmmm inkedchick aaaayyyyy....???? that user name calls for... pics or ban! lol just jokin.
welcome. :)
Welcome to the forum.
Enjoy your bike and keep black on black:p
Dont forget to post up your CBR in the "Post up your CBR 3.0" thread
Hessian said:
Dont forget to post up your CBR in the "Post up your CBR 3.0" thread
will do, but its a work in progress :) :lol:
Post it up in the project bikes section then, it's looking pretty empty in there so far.

Oh, and welcome :)
Show us your ink bits.:popcorn:
Welcome to the site. When posting pics of your bike you need to include some of your tats....tats are cool. Were all a work in progress at some point.
this site has it all, gear heads, speed junkies, tips, ideas, hot girls with tats and now a clown. I love this site it just gets better and better.
It's like a box of chocolates... :p
welcome inkedchik
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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