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Next best brand battery to Yuasa?

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hey all,

Im looking to replace the OEM battery in my 06 fireblade. Most places are asking roughly $250-300 for the OEM Yuasa YTZ10S - just curious if theres a good alternative for cheaper or should I suck it up and pay for the Yuasa?

Other battery brands I've come across that places have recommended/tried selling me are Dynomaster, Dynavolt, and MotoBatt which are approximately $120 but I'm not sure what to go for, any ideas would be much appreciated.

Damn batteries are so expensive these days :(
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ok thanks... i'll do abit of googling on katana.. if i cant find much, might end up having to go with the yuasa i think...

using a multimeter with battery connected to the bike, whats the lowest voltage the battery should be reading?

and if u crank the bike to start/load the battery up, whats the lowest voltage it should dip down to roughly before people replace their battery?
Yeah I just picked up a battery fighter (tender) from Super Cheap yesterday during the 20% sale :D
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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