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NSW Provisional Licence

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I'm wanting to go get my Ps next month but I'm out of a job so I have to save up.

Just wondering what you have to pay for and do to get to P1 for NSW.
Riding Test $46 (inc. GST) each attempt
Provisional P1 $47
Cost of pre-provisional course $115 (inc GST)
All of the above? or just course and card? I didn't find how much it cost to borrow their bikes..
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All of the above
Plus add cost of bike hire if you use their bikes
Think its about $100 for the day?
Just use your own bike mate - its easy and youll save yourself $100 bucks. If you want to practice first, just print off the test course from the RTA website, get some chalk and a measuring tape, and go up to your local bunnings carpark and get in some practice.

They teach you everything you need to know, and you run through a bunch of times. Its not that hard to do on a CBR. If fact - I think its probably easier on a bike that you know!
My right mirror is looking at the sky i think its because of my h-bracket is slightly lower and welded unevenly.

Need to fix that then I'll go for it, what is the riding test about is it when i see a lot of people wearing high visibility vests riding?
If it's the same as Tas, you don the vests after passing the test.
The ride with fluro vests has no impact on your licence. I asked my instuctor if you could lose you licence on the ride after passing the test, he said you could but it's never happened.
so the pre-provisional course is just a course to get you ready then for the on-road test? after that you pay and get your Ps?
P's test is in two sections:

The non assessed road ride which is where you wear those vests that you've seen. its just a ride with the instructor obersving how well you set up, maintain 3 seconds, maintain vision etc. etc. all the basic roadcraft principles.

The M.O.S.T which is the assessed part wit the u turn and cone weave and all that stuff.

When you pass, you get a pink(?) certificate. Take that to any RTA branch and fill out the licence application form which is four pages. You take that to the counter and they make two marks on it and charge you $40 (roughly) for their troubles.

All up, my P's test came to $161, $115 for the P's test and $46 for M.O.S.T.

Then there is your licence fee, so all up i think it costs ~$200.

They do roadworthy your bike, but the level of scrutiny varies. i had a signals, lights, horn check so maybe your right hand mirror will slip under the radar.
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they sent me home when i took my dirt bike because the ball on the end of the brake lever was missing,
i raced home and installed the spare one i had quick smart, ended up passing the test :)
wow wtf its so cheap in NSW!!

Learners cost $360~

Provisional $303

but that all includes using their bike and helmet if you want.
wins said:
wow wtf its so cheap in NSW!!

Learners cost $360~

Provisional $303

but that all includes using their bike and helmet if you want.
learners $360%#%%?

Cost of the pre-learner course $76
NSW Licence Fees (Type of Licence): Learner's $21
So because we 250s like having loud pipes, will we be sent home?
nope, they dont give a fark about loudness, hell i think they believe loud pipes save lives.
Thats nice to know me and my friend has quiet loud pipes haha
booked my test last week
pretty sure its $161 bucks just for the test in NSW
then you get some sort of a slip and go the the rta to get your license, and then you pay licensing fees which should be around 40 bucks
I thought it was you pay for the course then you pay for the joy ride then the licence afterwards
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