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everything here is for the mc22, OEM, used and in good condition unless listed otherwise, will get photos when i find my camera

headlights used $60 Going to oliver

Instrument cluster bracket $60 juxt

pillon pegs pair $20 mokeyking
Stock exhaust with stainless cover some scratches $20 getnekd
Pillon seat $10

everything is $5 shipping Oz wide

grips Black,, stainless, red, yellow, blue $20 are new and in packets
same ones ETshark sells on ebay for $29
Ill upload my own pictures when i get a chance just been super busy

pm or call me


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hey guys i got a pair of grips like this off him awhile ago and i think there frikin sweet, heaps of ppl have commented on them, but best of all there nice and grippy when riding in the rain.
theres a bit of a trick to getting the bastards on though. lol
oh and yeah bar ends come with them :)

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sorry for the noob question but by stock exhaust, do you mean the whole system or just the pipe?
coz id love to get my hands on a whole system if i can fit one to my mc 19

its probably just the can but yeah one can always hope
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