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OEM Clutch vs. Barnett Carbon or Kevlar?

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Ok...i think its time to change my clutch but not sure what to go for...

the responses ive searched have been varied between OEM and Barnett...pretty much no info on the difference between carbon and kevlar...

some people say stick with oem and just get heavier springs....other people say change the whole thing....i have no clue!!!

plz help!
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Yeh um. What bike are you talking about we aren't all
I went with a Barnett carbon fibre clutch for my race bike once my original started slipping. I have no idea if it is any better or worse. But it feels pretty good. Main reason I went with this is because it was $220 posted from the states where an OEM one was over $400.
depends on ur riding. carbon and kevlar in the plates stop plates warping when they get hot if ur drving hard or racing. if you find the clutch is slipping i'd just get 110% (stiffer) springs and whatever plates you can get cheaper.

another thing to look at if bikes a few years old is do the steel plates need to be replaced
What year R1. How many km did you get out of your last one?
Do you have many engine mods that cause slippage?
oh sorry guys...its an 02 R1...no engine mods...its done about 44k... noticed that its slipping on 2nd at a recent track day...not sure if i need the steel plates replaced...

Barnett also have a choice of changing from 5 springs to 6...
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