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OPH Photography (Pics and Link)

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I recall some of you guys were asking about photographers up the old road...

well i spotted one and pulled over and got his business card...

here are some shots and here is the link to his web site.

Action Packed Photography

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Wow. They actually are worthy of cash.
what does it cost per photo?

im guessing he sells them without hes copyright shit on them?
They're pretty good photo's!

Better than the crap you get from ECRD...
damn... I'm not in it...

Was this when you did your last lap that day?
looks awesome, jealous of that road surface too!
awesome pics makes me wannago up ..might see when he is up there next
Yeah that top part of OPH is pretty good since they re-surfaced it.

Not sure about the pricing, but I think he said that he has deals on his site if you wanted to purchase.

@UFO... i found my pic in the 16/5/10 and 20/6/10 gallery.. both were weekends. I think we last went up there was on a Thursday.

If you guys find your photo, i suggest you email the guy and ask if he has any other shots of you.... as i think he only posts one shot per rider per day.
sht. I read 10 of June on one of his folders hahaha.... my bad...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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