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pilot idle screws

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Hey guys,just a question about the 3rd pilot idle screw on a mc22 rr(L) is it set the same as the others (1 3/4) or is it set differently?.Cheers
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Yep, all the pilot screws are the same on the mc22. I got 3 laying around from my rebuild.
Dont think the question was if they were physically different. but if they were set same amount of turns out.

I am def not an expert wait for one of the pros to chime in but going off the little that i know Id say it should be the same? unless one cylinder was receiving less/more air than the other 3 for some reason and thus required different amount of turns to account for the different mixture?
What do you mean the third pilot mixture screw? There are four of them in a row and they are all set the same... Go to the maintenence section and download the manual and maintenance guide, they will help you with things like this.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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