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which tire do prefer on ur cbr250?

  • Sport - Bridgestone BT-090

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  • Sport - Dunlop GPR-a10

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  • Sport - Bridgestone BT-003 RS

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  • Sport - Michelin Pilot Power

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  • Dunlop GT501-Arrowmax

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  • Perelli Sport Demons

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  • Michelin Pilot Activ's

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  • Bridgestone BT- 016's

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  • Other

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POLL: which tire do u use for your cbr250 ???

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Hey guys,

not taking away "Gus" spotlight but i thought this would be good for those who still cant seem to make a decision on what tire to get for their cbr250's!

ive used the tires mention on "Gus" post ! so i hope i havnt missed any other tires that u guys use.

hope this helps!! for more in-depth info on each tire please check "Gus" thread: http://cbr250.com/forum/thread-18.html


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I don't see any poll options?
sorry it was in the making! hehe. still getting use to the new site. i was wondering where my poll was! hehe.
hav fun !!!
Sport Demons for commuting and touring
Sport riding Bridgestone BT-016
Trackdays Pilot Power 2CT's

Thats my opinions.
I had Arrowmax's one mine

They were rather crappy
bt45's all the way, great for day to day and hold when ur in the twistys flat out
K916 said:
I had Arrowmax's one mine

They were rather crappy
no shit back tire kept slipping under me :(
this is a poll about what is current;y on you bike right? not what you think is the best....

I've got alpha 10's
yeah i have arrowstax but thats jsut cause im a tightarse and wont buy a10's or sport demons
PP CT2's which are well overdue for a change...
a10's for me. although technically they're not on my bike yet as they're currently sitting on my bedroom floor, that's what i'll be using when i'm finally riding :)
I'm running Michelin Pilot Activ's. They treat me good!

Question for the guys running Michelin Pilot Power's: how many km's are you getting out of them? (and what kind of riding are you doing...?)
I had BT090's on mine until some douche told me I should get shinko's cos they're just as good.

Let me tell you - they're fucking not!
what are the prices like for a set of BT-090's, GPR-a10's and the Bridgestone BT-003 RS's?
want a good sport tire that will last a few track days
Paid about 440 fitted for my alpha-10's

Probably be able to get them cheaper than that though.
1 - 20 of 175 Posts
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