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post up your CBR's version 3.0

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dunno if the other threads will make their way one here or not, but if not here goes.

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ajpennypacker said:
Love the matt black
thanks, it only took 2 days all up to do. i was thinking of changing it but dont have time or the motivation.
I'll reserve this spot for when I finally get round to fixing and painting my tank.

Until then, here is an awesome phone camera pic of what it looked like 2 years ago.

This is what it looked like after I was done.

I'll post some new pics at some stage of what it looks like now...
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Spot Reserved !!!
I dont have one. Can I just put up a pic of another bike? :D
I just took another piccy of Crunchy today in her current get up. Only a crappy phone pic, but hey you get the idea. :)
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mid way

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Here my ciblet !

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My CBR250RR project before:

And after:

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Place holder, but for now here is what it looked like a few months ago.

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