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PRICE DROP syd- AGV stealth $300

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I'm selling this for my boss at work because he has no idea how to use a computer. He told me to put it on ebay but I thought I would give you guys first choice because its a pretty good buy.

. He bought a new helmet about a year ago to match his bussa. His bussa was stolen 3 weeks after he got it, he rode to and from work on fridays and weekends . So the helmet has had less then 10 rides.

Its an AGV stealth and comes with an irridium tint visor and clear visor. Size is large. It comes with the box it was bought in, and could be passed as new but I'm being honest.

Pick up from campbelltown or blacktown only.

I really don't trust shipping it unless you want to pay for 10m of bubble wrap and shipping lol
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RE: syd- AGV stealth $350

I dont have an AGV shaped head unfortunately :(
RE: syd- AGV stealth $350

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RE: syd- AGV stealth $350

Size is large. I have a medium head. Otherwise I would have bought it myself. I will add it to the first post.
RE: syd- AGV stealth $350

not trashing the sale mate, but dont they sell new for 300-350?[hr]
think i paid 350 for mine about 8 months ago
RE: syd- AGV stealth $350

No idea. He said he bought it for 400 plus 70 for the visor and said to me to sell it for whatever I thought it would be worth. Since its in as new condition I bumped off $50 and chucked in the visor for free and wrote up a thread.

If anyone thinks its over priced please send me a link of cheaper ones so I don't look like a dope.
RE: syd- AGV stealth $350

I have 2 stealths that I race in, one is the exact same scheme. They're awesome lids, GL with sale.
RE: syd- AGV stealth $350

+1 on them being awesome. if i didnt drop mine pretty heavily id still use it.
RE: syd- AGV stealth $350

awesome lids +1

i crashed in mine, and it was so comfy and well fitting for my european shaped noggin that i bought a new one.

the new stealth griffo (same shape different graphics) sells for about 400-450.
RE: syd- AGV stealth $350

there is some on sale at Peter Stevens for around 350 or so but they're very limited in size and graphic as its a discontinue series.
Prices dropped and bump
Ill see how much dosh i have once i ge tpaid if you still have it, Would he take 250?
I will ask, but he wasnt really happy about dropiing it to $300
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