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Product Review: Motoleathers Imola Jacket and Leather Superbike Pants

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Hi all. The gear I will be reviewing today is from Motoleathers. Im writing this review simply because there doesnt seem to be much info on the web about this company or their products.

First, we have the "Imola" Leather Jacket, and the leather Superbike Pants

Now, before we begin, I'll tell you two things. I've never owned leather gear before, and pants and jacket set me back $333.

I've been riding for a few years now - mainly commuting with the occasional blat on the weekends. Rattling around in the back of my head however, was what might happen if I fell off or had a blowout midcorner etc.

I usually wear a textile jacket with draggin jeans and some Rossi boots. Its a comfortable combination for Rocky's heat and short, fairly low speed rides. Out on the highway was a different story for safety however.

So I thought I'd get some leathers. Leathers are expensive. Even the Rjays ones. So I did some research and saw that you needed good double stitching, thick leather between 1.2-1.4mm, and if you could get some perforated sections on it, that would be good as well. CE approved armour was a must, and some removable padding would be great for impact protection, and good zips etc that would undo with gloves on.

After some poking around, I found motoleathers.com.au, and saw that everything was very cheap. I sent them a polite but suspicious email asking what was wrong with their gear. I got a reply that it was affordable with good features and they had some happy customers already.

The bike started playing up and funds went into that instead. But with a 1600km roadtrip coming up, I thought I'd get some leather on me for the highway. I called Jeff and he said he didnt have any of the 2 piece suits in my size at the moment, and I didnt want a different colour, so he suggested I take a look at some of the other stuff. I picked out the Imola jacket and the superbike pants.

They arrived on my doorstep the very next day.

Heres what they look like in the flesh.

The jacket feels quite weighty when taken out of the bag, and smells really nice as well. Mmm leathery goodness. I noticed (as advertised) there was double stitching and extra leather on the usual impact points.
The zippers are YKK and operate smoothly. The bottom of the jacket has an adjustable tightener, and another zip to connect to your pants.

Now Im a size 44 chest, but Jeff reckoned to go a size larger. I took his advice and that was a really good call. The fit is snug, but allows movement. I didnt tighten up the bottom, but I probably should have. Also should have done up the rear zip too. More on that later.

The jacket has a nice liner inside, but even on a cool day in Rocky I took it out. Heres what it looks like without the liner.

Zips on the ends of the sleeves and a button/clasp fit nicely over my Collins leather gauntlets too.

ON THE ROAD: I went for a hoon for about 40 minutes or so, mainly highway stuff and found the jacket to be very comfortable and not hot. I had the vents open on either side of the chest and the arms and that was very pleasant. Due to the correct sizing I didnt feel like I was going to get dragged off the bike by the wind (naked bike, no windscreen).
I should have done up the back zipper as I found the jacket riding up a bit at the back, thanks to my belly I think. More my problem than the jacket.

Cost: $159 plus postage.

The Superbike Pants

The pants feel a LOT different from a paid of comfy draggin jeans. I also have draggin camos which feel different again. Anyway, the leather pants have a lot of elastic and padding in them so you feel like your legs are springloaded to snap-kick fools in the head. Once you get used to this, its not a big deal. They'll get more comfy as the leather gets a bit more worn I imagine. These were a bit of a tight fit around the waist, but a good length. I was going to go up a size, but really, its only my gut thats the problem. I'll take it as a hint to shed a few kilos.

ON THE ROAD: The immediate difference is when you grip the tank. There is a lot of padding there so it feels different from jeans. I really got the impression my legs were protected because you can feel padding and armour just about everywhere that matters. When you're in your riding position, the pants just seem to "click" and become very comfortable - no more snap-kicking fools in the head. There was no pinching and the zipper in the fly and two button tabs kept it all together. The elastic waistband is very comfortable and didnt feel like it was digging in or anything. Zips on the ankles keep everything tucked into your boots.

Cost: $159 plus postage.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, for $333 delivered, I dont think theres much to dislike. If you havent got some leather in your riding arsenal, you should. I found I rode with more confidence because I felt safe(r) in the gear I had on. I was pleasantly surprised both with the product and level of service Jeff provided over the phone. On race suits there is a 0% interest free payment plan where you pay $200 deposit and pay the rest over 10 months. I think I will refer to their gear in the future as "affordable" rather than "cheap", as cheap implies a product which doesnt inspire confidence. Time will tell how everything holds up (and remember, I havent had leather gear before), but so far, so good.
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Those are massively more affordable than the gear in most stores.
Do they zip together for the track?
Yeah, fantastic prices.

Bookmarked for future use - keep us updated as far as wear n tear etc.
Aduro said:
Those are massively more affordable than the gear in most stores.
Do they zip together for the track?
looks like there's an 8" zip but not full circumfrence zip on the pants and jacket
i'm not sure if all tracks would be totally fine with that
The two piece "Daytona" suits are MCA etc approved for track use. Obviously the one piece ones are as well. I figure you could buy the above AND a two piece suit for less than most other brands...
Good price and excellent review

Wish they made them in Yellow for that added BLING !!

The red stiching looks the guns.

I will show my gf this site because she needs womens sizes but hates womens designs.

good write up
I have a custom 2 piece from Jeff. Even after spending an hour then sending him my measurements, the pants only just fit. Apparently they were made with the biggest patterns they had.

I am stoked with the comfort of the leathers though. Wore them from Rocky - Miriam Vale, then Miriam Vale - Paradise Dam and back, then MV - Rocky, totalling about 1000km and they were awesome after I removed the CE armour from the knees.

You live in Rockhampton??

Do you own the orange cbr250 or what? Tell me you arent the idiot with the 954 with that gold windscreen :D
Yeah I am in Rocky. Negative to both of those. I know Dever, who used to own the orange ciblet, but I don't know who has it now.

I own a blue / black Buell 1125r with black screen and orange rim stripes, a GS500, a 250 Virago, and a Cagiva Raptor 1000.

I ride the horrible yellow and red kawasaki you may have seen poking around. I havent seen your weapons out and about, should catch up for a ride sometime
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