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Project PB-193P

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Hello all, it's been a very long time since I've been around on these forums! I see there is still a little bit of life left, as well as a few of the old guard.

This thread will be to chronicle my next project build, code-named for the colour scheme I've chosen to use.

If you'd like to see the scheme/unsure of the code, you can view it in the below thread:


I've chosen this colour scheme for a few reasons;

1. I've already had an extremely clean Tri-Colour MC22.
2. The PB-193P scheme to me, is stereotypically 90's era JDM, which I love.
3. The PB-193P scheme is also very rare to see. In my life, I've only ever seen one other with it.
4. This scheme has a twin, which is interesting. The NH-193P with red wheels is far more common. I see plenty of these.

My intention is to do a OEM build, as far as possible. I want the bike to appear completely stock. This means that while I will be powdercoating some parts, they will be in the same colour as it left the factory. This style of build means I'm certainly going to acquaint myself intimately with cleaning products, high-pressure washers and degreasers!

Ultimately, I want it to look as good as the bike in the below thread. (in the NH-193P scheme)


Showroom condition, as new.


1. Find the red, blue and white colour codes used, as getting my hands on an OEM tank in great cond. will be very difficult.
2. Purchase OEM parts unlikely to be found on the donor bike.
3. Purchase replacement OEM parts such as the engine and clutch cases (almost certainly rashed)
4. Research the best way to clean the engine case/block/other components/what to use to restore to near new condition.
5. Purchase donor bike
6. Much more, I'm sure.

That'll do for now, any questions or assistance, let me know.
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you might try searching colorite. I'm not sure if the 900rr had a pb193 scheme, but it did have nh196h. colorite does have the nh196h colors. Good luck!
That linked bike looks stunning - I'd be interested to watch a donor bike slowly make it's way there...
If I had a pristine MC22 still sitting in the garage it would be this colour scheme, will watch with interest.
First update.

My wallet is twitching.

Not a lot to report, except I found something that could potentially derail this thread before it even begins.


CBR250RR MC22 normal real running. low running [ animation equipped]: Real Yahoo auction salling

Just soak it in for a minute. It's everything I could want. I'm looking at this with jaded, cynical eyes, and I still think those are genuine kms.

I looked into it. I found the only two RAWS importers in Australia who have the CBR250RR on their schedule.

One, Otobai, who a few of the older members might still be able to scratch their heads and say to themselves "Huh, aren't they the Sumoto mob?"

You'd be right. I fired off an email.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

[email protected] Mailbox is full / Blocks limit exceeded / Inode limit exceeded.

Not the best start.So I called them. "Yeah we're having some trouble with our internet. Send it to our home email. Sent. Never heard back. Alright, whatever.

Got in contact with the other mob.

"I did a quick calculation.
Bike compliance would cost him about $14,000
Then has to get to NSW and register."

Obviously they're not particularly interested in a competitive quote. With the current exchange rate, and that CBR250RRs are going for silly money over in Japan at the moment, I can't say I'm too surprised. A resurgence of interest in Japan perhaps?

As heartbreaking as it is, this is where my interest in that bike has to stop. $14 000 is attainable, but just not intelligent. I could do a lot to a locally purchased one with that kind of money.

Square one. The search for the donor bike resumes.
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sumoto - cant believe they are still around in one guise or another selling mc19s with rr decals and exactly 23000kms on all the ODOs

The donor bike has been purchased. $2400 down from an advertised $3000. Bought off a young guy in Ryde, he had been using it for University commuting
for about a year, but had recently upgraded to a Yamaha FZS. It's in pretty rough shape, but for that price, I'll be able to take care of it, no problem.

The priority will be on the carbs, as it was not very happy down low, so they'll need a clean at the minimum. I'll probably take them apart and replace the needles and jets in any case. It's also lacking a fuel tap, from what I can see, so that'll need replacing too. New chain, oil, coolant and most importantly, fairings less than six months old.

I've put the feelers out for painting the tank, although I'd be happy for any suggestions. Crutch hasn't been on the forum for about a year unfortunately, so I might have to go with a non-member.

Currently putting a list of parts together. Going on a spending spree soon. The tear down will begin in the next few weeks.

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View attachment 3026 View attachment 3034 View attachment 3042

Just a couple of pictures of the tools, the parts and a freshly painted exhaust
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