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Project starting issues

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Hi guys I'm restoring a mc22 .I've rebuilt the carburetor, all cylinders have spark I found a broken wire in the harness which stopped power to tci. When trying to start it backfires from both exhaust and carburetors. Has clean fuel new plugs and a strong spark . I've read in this forum that there is two ways the spark leads can go one way it won't start and no backfire the other it backfires and gets to start . Can I please get help
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Trace wiring from TCI to each coil. Wires are different colours but change on way to coil. Make sure correct wire goes to proper coil.

Also plug wires from each coil should go to proper cylinders.

Clogged carbs are most likely culprit. If you spray some petrol from small squirt bottle into each carb, does bike start?
All good now starts and runs perfect ,removed plugs and cleaned, found a very small difference in old and new pilot screws so put the old back in , traced a broken wire on the stand circuit , reset butterfly's closer together on bench reinstalled carbs and it started perfect let it sit over night started perfect again runs like a dream
The only problem I have now is spare parts lol any idea where these go


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No idea, i haven’t run into anything looking like that in boxes of parts I have.

1st two looks aftermarket.
That's a good sign then I'm pretty sure the 1st one I a fairing mount but the next two I have no idea and I've looked at parts manuals there's nothing
Top one is under the very bottom of the bike and houses the drain hoses. The bottom two I do not recognise at all.
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