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[QLD] QR 19/6

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So who's in, I'll be attending, it's just a half day event so only $99 bucks.

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i thought there would be heaps of brissy people getting in on the QR fun.

Looks like its just you and me lados

I might have a mate or 2 coming with their bikes. should be a good half day blast.

There is only three groups on half days?

Hope the weather is better, fucking tornado's and shit tearing apart the joint down ere.
Stoked some other peoples are coming, just checked it's probably going to be raining Saturday but oh well! Can't change now!
No one else came but it was a good day none the less!

Had a ball and improved my riding a lot, can't wait to get back out there \m/
I heard there were a few bingles and 1 big off in turn 1..
There was an off in the fast group at t1 not sure how major, some serious scratches from the apex to the trap though.

I didn't see any other dramas it was quite incident free!
hey mitch, shit sorry i couldn't make it, sux to be there on ya own. I had huge garage sale on sat made some good coin so it kinda made up for missin out. I'll def be going to the next one soon. Geez T1 off in the fast group, scary shit!
All good mate, I just sat on my esky between sessions haha!

I'm so off the photographer hey, I was max sticking it through T4 battling it out with a 1098 and the guy didn't get one shot of me at full tilt through those left handers, just on warm up laps, the guy needs to be fired bring back Cat aka pro bike pics!

This was the only good shot I got that wasn't in the first lap of the session:

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Yes I agree 100%..

Chris, AKA Redhotshotz, is CRAP!!!!!
Tell me that you are serious and you aren't mates with the guy and linking him to the thread :X

That would mean even less and worse photos for me LOL.

No, I'm not mates with him, although I do know who he is and his name.
But I have openly bagged his shot's on various forums before including this one.

All the tracky's I've done, he took about 30 shot's with me in them, 80% of those were taken in the first 2 laps of sessions and 70% were out of focus.

Beside's, you couldn't really get any 'worse' as it is from him. :lol:
haha well this is true!

He just snaps people going round at quarter pace on cold tyres! He doesn't pick very good spots either!
+ 1 to that. Mr shitshotz has got to be joking. if thats his living, jeesus...

i say we start doing some unorthodox poses like standing up on the seat no hands, lay backs and just some good old thumbs up 'rookie'! should make a good photo.
ROFL @ MR shit shotz! that's gold.

Yeah I'm keen to do some strange poses, at least then the photo might be worth keeping.

if I can't ride next trackday, do youknow who i need to talk to if i was to maybe get in and take photos where the official photographers stand?

I can give the photos away for free if champions or qld raceways have an issue with me making a profit... but that way we can get decent photos of everyone!
Please make it happen lol!
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