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Big Hello to all mc22 lovers,
Wheel Tire Vehicle Fuel tank Automotive tire

please kindly im telling u im not fluent in english🙂.

Here im from sri lanka🇱🇰 and i did some serious performance upgrades & modifications on mc22.
📲 You can grab the full content from this Link.

📍Piggibacked Ignition System with Dynatek ARC-2 Module.

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior

▪Adjustable Launch Control/rev limmiter.
▪Spark restrike and switchable 10~20 degree retard function.

📍Custom made Oil Cooler Setup installed.
Wheel Tire Bicycle tire Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Body jewelry Necklace Jewellery Font Eyewear

📍AEM performance Coil on Plug direct ignition setup installed.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive fuel system Automotive design

📍Custom built speedometer setup.(added • Digital coolant temp gauge
• LED dash indicators [neutral and Oil Light]
• Digital battery voltage display)
📍Original Triple set Engraved.

Laptop Gauge Speedometer Output device Computer

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle
Speedometer Vehicle Gauge Automotive lighting Tachometer
Wheel Tire Fuel tank Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Thank you.👻


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CBR250 MC22
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Which EFI system are you using?
I'm looking at Microsquirt.
Still im using a dynatek arc-2 piggyback ecu. And im willing to use ECU MASTER stand alone ecu for efi conversion.
And u can use any of stande alone ecu system for efi conversion the problem is the base map.
If we are making a base map alone it takes too much time.
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