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RADIATOR raplacement

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Hi guys

Does anybody know which other(spare) radiator will fit into 250?

The reason to replace it is the limescale inside the channels.
I tried flushing it many times with acid descaler and vinegar with no joy.

please advise
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nsr, but its a bit of a wank.

just get a second hand one i reckon.
Yeah the NSR Radiator is well massive, but even then its not a straight swap, requires quite the rerouting and longer hoses and turning stuff upside down to make it work.

As far as Im aware this isnt another radiator that is a straight swap for the 250, none just line up with everything. Though I havent really looked far into possible replacements.
second hand then i guess... ;) fock
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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