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Random Question - Why is it called an MC22?

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Hey guys,

Does anyone know why R's are MC19s and RR's are called MC22? They still both use the MC14E engine..??
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i guess cause thats what they wanted to call it
mr epic said:
i guess cause thats what they wanted to call it
hahahaha thats a good enough reason :D
Probably because something got lost in the translation from Japan
how does anything get a model name?
why is a gsxr called a gsxr? an R1 an YZFR1?
some things are just never meant to be known!
But mc22 has nothing to do with the model name of cbr250rr...?? And 22 doesn't correlate to anything in the bike..??

Maybe it was their 22nd prototype/revision of the bike..
Maybe it has something to do with their internal coding for models rather than their marketing labels?

Perhaps it fits in with how they refer to all their other models from the era? Hmmm?
Ooo you meant why MC22 and not like JK55? Ignore me then.
Why is my phone called a c903?
mc stands for motorcycle and the number represents how many people died while developing the bike.:dodgy:

does it really matter?
because the one before was a mc21
NSR250 models come in

MC16 - 1987
MC18 - 1988 to 1989
MC21 - 1990 to 1993
MC28 - 1994 to 1999

They are also obviously Honda's.
I'd say it'd be something to do with parts listing or manufacture process..
its hondas thing... like toyota uses the engines first letter followed by another letter and then numbers (ke70,ae71,ae91 etc)
it's from the frame's serial number, MC22 series for cbr250rr
I wonder what GPZ stands for?

Generates powerful zoom :D Thats all I've got.
Honda chassis codes for their sportbikes i've noticed are based on CC's

125's = JC**
250's = MC**
400's = NC**
600's = PC**
750's = RC**
1000's = SC**

If you replace the C with a D but keep the first letter, it indicates off-road. Ie JD, MD, ND etc.

This is based entirely on casual observation but it seems to hold true regardless of 2 stroke, 4 stroke.. v-four or inline 4.
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I think mc stands for mega cool and the number is the exact coolness of the bike:p
Clearly you are in error, sir. While you are correct on the MC part, I believe the MC19 > MC22
What's a CBR?
Hessian said:
Probably because something got lost in the translation from Japan
they say it means a whales vagina.
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