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RC162 replica on track pics

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Hi there
Just back from a classic parade track day in France and the bike went really well. Now that it's in 'war paint' I thought you might like to see a couple of pics. Sunny on the saturday but washed out on sunday but a great trip anyway.

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Did you scrape the pipes at all? They look awefull close to the ground.
the pipes look great in that second shot!
This is what I love so much about this whole project. You actually ride the bike and judging by the pictures...very hard.

Well done.
At the beginning of this year I put a patch on both outside pipes so that they don't wear through. If you look at the side on shot you can see where the patch has decked out and the other side is the same. When they get a bit worn I'll replace them. I built the bike to run on the road and the track to get the most out of it but in doing so you have to accept the dings and chips that go with that. You can't put a price on the buzz I'm getting from this little bike on the road but the track is magic.
yeah I saw that little scuff on the exhaust and thought it must have touched down.

As studricho said, nice to see that you actually ride the thing, I can't imagine owning a bike and not using it.
Bike looks fantastic, leave the scuffs and scratches be - adds character.

Which track btw?
i love this bike!

i noticed that you did infact scrape the pipes.
brent said:
Bike looks fantastic, leave the scuffs and scratches be - adds character.

Which track btw?
The track is called Croix en Ternois and is about 60 miles south of the port of Calais near a town called St. Pol sur Ternois. Sometimes they spell Ternois with an 'e' at the end if you are looking it up. Many thanks for the great comments.
Only one word for the bike and the project.... beutiful :cool:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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