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Removing the fuel tank

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Alright, i've decided that im going to attempt a carby service on my bike this weekend by myself and need some help
i've got a mc 19 and was wondering if someone could go a bit more into detail as to how to remove your fuel tank
i've got a siphon tube thing to take out all the fuel just in case
then i take my seat off, and undo all the bolts attaching it to the frame
but then what pipes do i disconnect and where are they located?

also im gonna be following the carby clean tutorial up here and im pretty sure its for the mc 22
so would everything be basically the same for the mc19?
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Two bolts. Mind the fuel tap. Its not as hard as you're making out.
remove the seat, then under there is one mounting bolt for the tank, the other is up near the head stem.
turn fuel tap to off, remove the fuel line then remove fuel pump vacuum line.
pick the backside up and rotate the tank so the fuel tap clears the frame then wriggle the tank out of the frame.
thanks for that
except where are the fuel lines and the vacuum line?
and since i've never taken them off, do i just need normal pliers to take them off?
they're the 2 lines that run to your fuel tap. when you lift the back of the tank up you'll see them.

just pull the lines off and bingo.
ah sounds easy enough
thanks a lot
hopefully im able to clean my carbs without fuckign anything up
I think that if you don't have knowledge on how to remove a tank, the carby clean might prove a bit tricky.
Im not trying to sound like a dick, but the first time I did my carbies was with a group of people who were all doing it too. If it wasn't for that I'd be fucked, even with fatty's guide.
I had little to none mechanical knowledge and had to watch banana logic and copy everything he did. I was like.. shit what have I gotten myself into!
If you need a hand I might be able to help out next week.
Not trying to rain on your parade here, but if you are having difficulties getting the tank off you might just want to have an experienced observer handy when you do your carbs...

Please read the other "Oh I dropped a nut into my engine and now have seized it" thread for an illustration.
are you gunna take your carbs right off to clean? if so make sure you have all the right parts to replace ie carb boots.
hahaha hessian, i did read that and i was like "shit that could be me"
i havent even tried taking my tank off yet though
just wanted to be sure that theres nothing tricky to it, coz my bikes parked 2 levels underground and i didnt wanna keep coming upstairs to ask questions as theres no reception down there
plus i live in an apartment so id have to carry all my tools up and down or they'll get stolen
too much effort :p

ninexz that sounds great
if you can that'll be good

also just one last thing
do i need to take my side fairings off for a carby clean?[hr]
yeah im gonna take them off, coz apparently spraying cleaner through them while running the bike isnt as good as taking them out and giving them a clean
carby boots? is that the rubber bit?
do you have to replace them everytime you take them off or just like gaskets they only need replacing if they're fucked?
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Going on whats required to actually GET to the carbs on a CBR250, you'll want to replace whatever you can - simply because you dont want to be going back there for a long time.

The boots are the rubbery cylinders that attach to the engine on one side and the carbs slide into them on the other side. Make sure you have good illumination.
i was thinking i would take them off and clean them
then see if the gaskets need changing
if they do, put it all back together and not use the bike till i can get new gaskets and then take it all off again just to get some practise
if not then put it off for a couple of months

also does anyone on the forum sell the boots?
if not, do i just order them in from honda and how much do they cost?
I dont think anyone sells them as far as I can remember, but they are around $30ea if I recall from Honda.

I would personally get the parts first THEN get a day or two off, THEN try and have a play. If you stuff it up, your bike will become inoperable until someone comes around and makes it go.
I've never done the mc19 carbs before, but its all pretty much the same.
I might give my carbs a clean aswell then if you come around viper. My bikes been sitting around for 2 months now.
I live in an apartment aswell, and my bikes 1 storey underground. I got floodlights or if its a nice day I have an outdoor carpark.
and yes, you gotta take your side fairing off for it. I also have 2 boots from Honda. You don't need to replace them each time you take your carbs off,
but if they're old they can get flakey.
wow, thats more expensive than i thought
id rather not spend 120 bucks on the boots and then 30-50 bucks on the gaskets right now unless needed
if i took it over to a mechanic, they'd charge me for the parts anyway and then labour so that is out of the question

so is it absolutely necessary to replace the boots and gaskets, or just if they are hard and worn out?
coz id rather replace them in a couple of months when i can get some more money
Its not mission critical stuff, no. You're supposed to replace them when they're old as they get hard and dont do what they're supposed to do.

When we say old, 5-10 years if not more. And you would only do it if there were symptoms indicating you need new boots - air leaks etc.

If it aint broke, done fix it - this is why people have project bikes. If its buggered in the first place, it cant get much more buggered. If its your primary form of transport tho, you want it working all the time.
sounds good ninexz
there were about 2 other people on here who wanted to do the same but just didnt know how

is there a way to get to bondi from hornsby without avoiding tolls?
not being a cheap ass, its just i've never been on a toll road and dunno how they work/havent got an etag or anything[hr]
nah not primary form of transport
that would be trains coz i only use it to ride to work on the weekend(which is on a station) and to school sometimes

hmm airleaks, dont think my bike has any but just to be on the safe side
what kind of signs are we talking of?
My garage has a 2 person max limit lol. Its quite small.
Maybe there will be a service day in the near future, although the last one was only 2 months ago so it could be a while.

To avoid tolls, dump the clutch as your going through the booth.
i meant without having to pay fines for avoiding toll

how often do the service days take place?
coz there was one when like a day after i joined and it was too late for me to cancel my plans :(
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