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Sharing my installation of a Hepco Becker top case (GOBI 40L). I like how the top case looks on the bike, however it is not big enough to accept my helmet. See attached pictures.

Since I do not take passengers, I wanted to put the top case over the pillion seat. This was inspired by a previous poster who bolted his GIVI mounting plate directly to the pillion seat. I thought that was pretty cool, better than hanging the luggage over the back of the bike. I ended up bolting the top case (mounting plate) into a wood assembly that replaces the pillion seat. The wood assembly is attached by replacing one of the rear cowl bolts and one of the rear grab rail bolts on each side (4 bolts under the pillion seat) with longer bolts that anchor the wood assembly to the bike. Getting these bolts to line up correctly so they would thread into the welded nuts on the bike was the tricky part of the installation.

The wood assembly is raised and wedge shaped. Raised - so the luggage will clear the tail light. Wedge shaped - so the top case will not leaned forward into my personal space. (I like to be upright and stretch my back sometimes at traffic lights.)


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