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Replacing Steering Bearings

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What you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

What You need

1. Upper Bearing kit ( Part no. 91015-KT8-005) contains :
- Upper Bearing
- Upper bearing race (inner)
- Upper bearing race (outer)

2. Upper dust seal (Part no. 53214-KA4-701)

3. Lower Bearing kit (part no. 91016-KT8-005) contains :
- Lower bearing
- Lower bearing race (inner)
- Lower bearing race (outer)

4. Lower dust seal (part no 53214-371-010)

- Grease


- Remove the fairings
- Jack up the front of the bike securely
- Remove the front wheel
- Remove the fork tubes, making sure that you secure the clip- on’s and the wiring
- Remove the Top Clamp by first removing the nut

Bearing Removal

- pry open the locking tabs
- remove the locknut below the “T” clamp
- undo the but while carefully holding the Lower T from below the steering column
- careful so as to not drop it
- now remove the dust seal and you will see the bearings under that
- remove the bearings and upper inner race and wipe off the grease from the upper and lower races both within the steering column
- hit out the races with a drift and hammer carefully
- take off the lower bearing and lower inner race from the lower T which you removed earlier (this race may be a tight fit and will take some effort to remove)
- remove the lower dust seal


- first install the outer upper and lower races within the steering column..gently tapping them into place using the old races as a damper between the new races and hammer.
- install the lower dust seal, inner lower race and then the lower bearing after smearing both the race and bearing with grease liberally
- now smear the upper race with grease and lube and place the upper bearing on the race
- gently guide the lower race through the steering stem
- place the upper dust seal over the upper bearing
- install the cover, top nut and bend the locking tabs in place
- fit the top clamp and the top retaining nut.
- Fit the forks, wheel and tighten everything
- Move the handle from side to side about 6 times to settle the bearings

Note - The bearing sizes and part numbers are same across the CBR range from the 250 right upto the 954.[hr]
Thanks to Trigger for the pics

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putting the top part back together... what the best way to tighten up the 2 nuts. looked everywhere for a C spanner but cant get one, been using a flat blade and hammer... its really really tight and its still not done up enough to get the second locking nut on.... what to do? do i just keep at and smash it on? also steering is feeling a little hard now... this doesnt feel right
thanks mm.kay, solved the problem. the old races didnt come out of the bike, which makes it hard to put in new ones... lesson; make sure all the old shit is off the bike before putting new stuff in. noob.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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