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Rider down Melbourne...

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Motorbike rider dies after hitting parked car

A 29-year-old motorbike rider has died after a crash in East Brighton, east of Melbourne.

The man hit a parked car after 1:30pm (AEST) today.

A passenger on the motorbike escaped unharmed.

RIP, anyone we know?
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Hope not.

I don't see any point in posting this kind of stuff hey, I don't see car forums posting details about every car fatality :X
Yeah, but there is generally a motorcyclist community of a sort due to the relatively small number of riders, as opposed to every single adult in the country that drives a car.
I'm with mitch. Unless someone knows them, why post. Yes it's sad that someone has died, but everyone will die someday and least someone will die everyday.

What's the point on focusing on death? Let's focus on life.
But, isn't he trying to find out if it IS anyone he knows? I'm not angry I'm just saying, sometimes finding out is a second chaaaAAAaance.
studricho said:
What's the point on focusing on death? Let's focus on life.
You don't need to tell me that! But I don't beleive that's the point of the OP, as pledge said.

RIP for the dead guy. Never good to hear. Especially so young.
Oh look, I wont do it in the future, but like the old saying goes "It doesnt matter what badge is on the tank, its that someone else rides"

You never know, people could cark it and we'd be going - hey, I wonder where so-and-so got to...

Anyway forget it, its all good. And can you not pollute my threads with that ghey Nickleback-sounding song :D
Yknow Luke , I just saw Hayleys comet shooting. Sometimes a useless thread is a second chaaaAAAaance.
dont ruin them for me biich.
... speed does kill

i live around the corner from there and I had just left home to ride at that same time... parents rang me worried as ever as soon as they heard this disaster.
eXphoid, you're an idiot. Its peoples fuckups that kill, yours or somebody elses, if you're stupid enough to delude yourself that where a needle points on a clockface has anything to do with how safe you are go hand your license in now, because you're a danger to yourself and to others.
I'm not looking for an argument Drew, someones died.. I'm just going by the report i heard on the radio saying speed was a factor by which had he been going the limit he may have had a second chance..

No shit! fuckups kill but so does stupidity.. by which what I dont understand is he was a learner rider with a pillion.

And I can agree with what you're saying though. Which is why I believe the NSW L plate & P plate laws are both stupid and dangerous.
The police wouldn't be able to tell what speed he was doing and any eye witnesses are obviously going to report that he was going "too fast" because he hit something. Saying speed is a factor is like saying that "he was on a bike" was a factor. He couldn't have died if he was stopped unless somebody else hit him and if that happened then some blue clad halfwit would be describing the other persons speed as "a factor".

There are only two things that can kill you on the road, yourself and other people. Arguing that a physical property was at fault is like saying that he died because he was born.
It was me.

ontik said:
It was me.

I'm glad you got better then mate. That would be a shit thing to get stuck with. ;)
He's not angry, he's just saying...
Harleys are dangerous as fuck, but speeding isn't. Listen close kiddies.
richo said:
Harleys are dangerous as fuck, but speeding isn't. Listen close kiddies.
Speeding is a bit of a weird word... you know... not in the dictionary... could you define it for me?
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