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Riding in the natio

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Here's a noob question. I've been told bikes aren't allowed in the natio.. Is that right?
If not, what's the speed limit in the national park and what's it like riding there? I've been invited for a ride with a few mates in a few weeks time..

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I have held my bike license for 20 years and I only crashed once on the road in all those years.

It was in the natio.

It's beautiful to ride through, dangerous and peaceful at the same time. Yes you can ride through there and the speed limit varies.

Just take it easy.
my girlfriend works in the trauma department of st george hospital, and she wants there to be a surcharge for customers of the hospital who ride the natio. she treats waaay to many people who crash there.

its not that its a particularly bad road (it has its moments, especially in the wet forests down south) its just that there is ample opportunity to overdo it.

please. for your own sake, take it easy. or i'll hear about another young guy on a motorbike with hideous life changing injuries.
Sounds to me like he's referring to offroad riding by the way guys.
dirt bikes..no its all goverment owned national park..if your speaking of the road . the natio is only as bad as the rider.

It can be dangerous but on a nice sunny weekday with few cars its a great ride. Just take it easy and you will love it. On a side note natio second worse in nsw for bike crashes...Putty number 1
ride through there maybe 3 times a month? throughout the year, mostly at night and havent come off yet. but yeah it gets hairy through the bottom of the valley especially if its rained the past couple of days or there hasnt been much traffic. watch for debris and deers. its 80 through the open bits and 60 through the twisties.

the two spots (i think) that usually catch people out are after audley you come up the valley do the right hander on the carousel (as i like to call it) and theres a stretch of 80 zone as soon as you hit the 60 zone theres a long leftie thats cuts in suddenly, then a sharp right (people usually cross over onto the wrong side of the road when it cuts in or hit the cliff wall because they cant make the right hander in time or they cant wash off enough speed due to it being on a downhill slope.)

the second one is a fair way passed the garie turnoff and just before the waterfall turnoff. its straight after a long left hairpin (theres a gravel car park on the right and you can see through the whole turn) theres a 35km/h right followed quickly by a 35km/h left. (its a pretty cool spot that will bring a smile to your face if you get it right but i've seen people lowside quite often)

other than that pay attention to the 35km/h and 25km/h signs, watch for debris and wildlife and of course coppers/riders letting you know there are coppers about and you should be fine.

phew managed to kill a few boredom/hungover minutes[hr]
pOint_01 said:
i dont like natio.
haha suspended? natio?
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pOint_01 said:
i dont like natio.
Something to do with certain 15kph corners perhaps?

I ride through heaps, and if you ride sensibly you should have no more trouble than you normally have. Tjere are definitely corners that you can scare yourself on and if it has been raining it gets slippery towards the southern end.
Sounds like the kind of road i need to have a crack on:D Im starting to get over the putty..
Ill be doin the oxley highway in october with the kwak boys.. Now thats a ride i cant wait to get on:drool:
I thought "natio" meant riding starkers for some reason...
What's the speed limit range in the natio? Is it like 40-60 or 80+?..

mostly 60. i think there are some straights that are 80.
Is it mostly bends and turns? Will I get bored if I stick to the speed limit? (i refuse to speed.. i cant afford to lose my license again..)
don't speed through the 80 sections, they are no fun anyway. go as fast as you feel safe through the twisty 60 setions :D

Don't listen to me though, I'm encouraging you to break the law and that is wrong...
meh i dont care about that, i just really don't want to lose my license again. I've lost my license once before and the consequences were far beyond losing some money and not being able to drive for 3 months..
I rode through there last weekend, only got my bike L's the week before but i used to be a cyclist and ride through there atleast twice a week on my pushy when i was training so i know the road like the back of my hand.

Last Sunday i saw 3 highway patrol cars (1 with 2 bikes pulled over) so i would definately recommend not speeding through there on a weekend. There are plenty of low speed corners which are still plenty of fun but you should probably do a few laps through there to familiarise yourself with the corners before giving it some stick as there are some corners that can be deceiving.
Definately a good ride though.
you will def not get bored since most of "fun" section is posted 15/45kmh turns.

found this on youtube. for somereason i'm mesmerized by it. also whats the song?

have to ask at the risk of being called stupid... where abouts is this road exactly?

also is it the bicentenial park that L platers can't drive/ride through? I remember seeing that printed on my L's at some stage? Obviosuly not applying to national parks if people have been riding there.
That guy is going too fast for my brain to process. This is why I ride a 27yo bike
EyeLuvBeer said:
have to ask at the risk of being called stupid... where abouts is this road exactly?

also is it the bicentenial park that L platers can't drive/ride through? I remember seeing that printed on my L's at some stage? Obviosuly not applying to national parks if people have been riding there.
+1 i dont know where this is either, and whats this about L platers not being able to ride somewhere? havn't heard about this b4
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